Naruto: The ‘Legend of Jiraiya’, the inspiration behind Konoha’s Sannin concept

The story originated in 1839 and over time, the “legend of Jiraiya” became a widely known work with 43 titles written by 4 different authors. The story revolves around a young lord, Jiraiya from the Ogata clan capable of wielding magic from toads along with Princess Tsunade in defeating Orochimaru.

1. Main content of “legend of Jiraiya

Now, let’s get to the heart of the story together. The story tells that there was a devil of the serpent who wished to take over Japan. And to do that, he must rule over Tsukikage, one of the three famous families in Echigo Prefecture (now Niigata) along with Ogata and Matsuura. One day, while on his way to the regent of the General, the lord Tsukikage Gunryou Miyukinosuke was attacked by a serpent.

Fortunately, he was chivalroused by a young man named Orochimaru. Because he wanted to give thanks and was impressed by his courage, he adopted the boy as his adopted son and even wanted to make Orochimaru his successor. However, this lord did not know that his benefactor was in fact the son of Mangasang and slowly cast a curse on Tsukikage. As a result, Orochimaru manipulated Tsukikage, causing him to kill all of his own children to facilitate the plan.

It is the blood of the Snake that has turned Tsukikage into a lord who wants power and brings an evil spirit to rule the whole of Japan. Not only supporting military development, but Tsukikage also sprinkled the ears of the General at that time, two Ogata clans with Matsuura intentions of treason. Now that there is more support from the General and the breaking of the protective seal, the Tsukikage is increasingly working for the plunderer of property, killing almost all members of the two families who used to be. ally. Worse is throwing two children into the abyss. That is Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Naruto The Legend of Jiraiya the inspiration behind Konoha s Sannin concept | Manga/Film

The two children Jiraiya and Tsunade were fortunate to be saved by a Taoist named Senso Dojin and raised them to grow up to become strong and then return to avenge the family. As an adult, Jiraiya learns toad transformations, while Tsunade learns the snail’s abilities. The two dueled with Orochimaru.

Just like in Naruto, this legend also shows that a snake’s magic is stronger than a toad, and a toad is superior to a snail. And snails can defeat the permission of snakes. Thus, in order to defeat Orochimaru, both Jiraiya and Tsunade had to find the sword Nakirimaru.

In the end, the two of them removed the Curse curse from Nakirimaru and forced Orochimaru to pay for his sins. However, Jiraiya did not kill him, but even accepted to be a friend to help Orochimaru return his salary. Jiraiya and Tsunade later became married and then happily ever after.

Naruto The Legend of Jiraiya the inspiration behind Konoha s Sannin concept | Manga/Film

2. The inspiration that makes up Sannin

It is the above story that became the inspiration for author Masashi Kishimoto to create the Sannin trilogy. Jiraiya, Tsunade are also nicknamed “Toad Tao”, “Snail Princess” respectively. In addition, Jiraiya and Orochimaru were once close friends and he also fell in love with Tsunade.

Jiraiya calls himself “Mount Myoboku Sage” due to his ability to summon toads. Although, he is sometimes nicknamed “The Sly Sage” by Naruto, due to Jiraiya’s love of beauty.

Not only did Jiraiya summon toad from Mount Myoboku, but Jiraiya also possessed countless different types of jutsu, the most famous of which was the famous Rasengan. Jiraiya’s friendship with Orochimaru was also inspired by their version of their fables. By the time Orochimaru left Konoha, Jiraiya was constantly trying to chase him and persuaded his friend to return. As for the character Orochimaru, his powers are based on snakes who are a dark fallen with gruesome experiments to obtain an immortal body. He once planned to attack Konoha and cause the death of the Third Hokage, the mentor and mentor of Sannin ever since.

As for “snail princess” Tsunade, she suffered a lot of losses from people she deeply loved. It took Tsunade a long time to step through her traumatic past and then take over the position of Fifth Hokage, worthy of the niece of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage.

Just like in the story, Jiraiya has been loving his close friend and teammate Tsunade since he was young, but this love is a bit different. Compared to the end of the marriage, in Naruto, it was just one-sided love from Jiraiya, and he always quietly protected Tsunade.

After realizing his true heart from childhood until now, Tsunade was unable to respond to Jiraiya since he was then gone at Pain’s hands. Although she was gone, the devotion and sincerity to wanting Tsunade to be happy is a good thing that author Kishimoto took from this famous folk legend.

Naruto The Legend of Jiraiya the inspiration behind Konoha s Sannin concept | Manga/Film

Although it is impossible to achieve the full end of the story, at least Jiraiya himself can be proud of having trained the current hero, Naruto Uzumaki. If anything, Kashin Koji in Boruto will continue to protect the peace of the world. Orochimaru is now partially reimbursed, and Tsunade becomes a mentor and mentor for the next generation.

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