Naruto: The ‘curse of hatred’ – something associated with the history of the Uchiha clan turns out to have begun to reincarnate since the Six Paths.

The Uchiha clan is an extremely famous clan in the ninja’s world Naruto. Many illustrious geniuses like Sasuke, Itachi and Madara all come from this clan. In the Uchiha, there is something that is associated with the history of the family and is mentioned in the series on several occasions Naruto, that is the “curse of hatred”. Specifically, when the Uchiha clan experiences the extreme pain of losing a loved one or some event that has a huge impact on their psychology, they will awaken the Sharingan for the first time.

Second Hokage Tobirama Senju – a person who has always had great prejudice towards the Uchiha clan that it was these events that would push them into feelings of hatred, jealousy and desire for power.

Here, let’s take a look at some information about what is known as the curse of hatred!

To talk about the hate curse, it has its roots in the era of the Six Paths of Sage. At the time of choosing between Indra and Asura, the Six Paths decided to focus on the youngest son – who brought the ideal of goodness to inherit his ring. But it was the decision that he made that made the hatred, the envy hidden deep inside the heart of Indra gradually awakened. And then the pride did not allow Indra, who was always seen as a genius, to give up to Asura.

That is why the scene of fraternity is inevitable, and that event also marks Indra as the first name to declare the Mangekyo Sharingan. It was also from this battle that Indra created a curse of hatred for generations in the Uchiha clan.

Talking about the Sharingan, this is the limited bloodline only for those who have the blood of the Uchiha clan. In which, the Mangekyo Sharingan is a more powerful upgrade and only a few people have truly declared the truth from the tragedy of losing someone they love. Combined with the Sharingan magic, the Uchiha clan became even stronger thanks to its training and natural talent. But the journey of wielding great power in the Uchiha clan pushes them into a path of hatred and despair.

Any shinobi wants to become stronger, but it is the influence of Indra’s philosophy that pushes them into the depths of darkness as a way of unleashing their potential. Sasuke is the typical victim of the curse of hatred, when he himself had witnessed the murder of his family in the past, and everyone around him was murdered by his beloved brother. It is this hatred that has caused Sasuke a long time lost.

Naruto The curse of hatred something associated with the history of the Uchiha clan turns out to have begun to reincarnate since the Six Paths | GameK

The curse of hatred is actually an ideal, a philosophy that is completely opposed to the will of fire, which is based on the belief that love and loyalty will create a better world. The will of fire is passed down through the generations of Konoha from the Senju clan, as it honors the value of altruism, turning enemies into allies instead of accumulating negative emotions like curse of hatred. .

It is also because of this complete opposition that has led to the existence of hostilities between Indra and Asura’s descendants. Naruto and Sasuke, Asura’s afterlife with Indra were both elite representatives of opposing philosophies. But it was they also in the end that put an end to this rivalry.

It can be said that the curse of hatred has been tied to the long history of such famous clans as the Uchiha, but exceptions remain. They are Kagami, Itachi and Shisui, the cast of characters who are very understanding and also loyal to Konoha and good ideals from the will of fire. The remaining names like Obito and Sasuke later broke the curse of hatred to return to the light.

Naruto The curse of hatred something associated with the history of the Uchiha clan turns out to have begun to reincarnate since the Six Paths | GameK

Sasuke and his daughter Sarada are currently the two remaining legitimate clans of the Uchiha clan. But unlike all the people three days ago or their ancestors, in Sarada there was no effect of the curse of hatred. That’s because Sasuke ended the loop after reconciling with Naruto.

Now Sarada represents a new generation with the desire to become the great Hokage, guiding the Uchiha clan on a completely new path. It remains a mystery to see if Sarada has another way to take his Sharingan to the next level, as the element of experience remains.

The curse of hatred, which has clung to the Uchiha clan for generations and caused countless events from the old feud that Indra had for his younger brother. But undeniably, this is an integral part of the long and splendid history of one of the most powerful clans in the Naruto series.

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