My Hero Academia made fans curious about the events of the old ‘hero son Endaevor’

Indeed My Hero Academia is making readers wait more and more for the latest stories when not only because of the grandeur in the battle between heroes and criminals, but also about the truth revealed by Dabi. He is actually the eldest child of the hero Endeavor with the real name Toya Todoroki. Since then, a question arises about the past events about Toya that complicated the Todoroki’s family, I hate my father and Endeavor feels guilty.

At the beginning of chapter 291, Toya is said to have died in a fire at the gym at the top of Mount Sekoto on a cold, dry day. The chapter also recounts Endeavor’s explanation of the incident at the time. “They said that the surroundings had been burned down by a fire of up to 2,000 degrees. the bones have turned to ashes and only the bones remain.

In addition, the chapter also shows details that indeed, Endaevor / Enji Todoroki was full of envy, indignation for not having All Might’s No. 1 spot at that time on the eldest. Although he still loved his son behind in his heart, it was his selfish ambition that obscured that love.

Going back to what is supposed to be Dabi’s death. Obviously being burned at such a temperature was truly horrifying. And the deeper you go My Hero Academia again create more curiosity and questions of readers. It is said that Toya has not mastered his power and released a flame while training with Endeavor. Some have hypothesized that Dabi / Toya practiced on his own, but improperly it caused the fire. There is also an interesting idea, Dabi actually staged the scene of the fire and the jawbone model for everyone to believe he was really dead. After that, Dabi joined the Crime Coalition and planned revenge on his current father.

Continuing chapter 290, chapter 291 shows how much Dabi hates his father and also leaves open a new mystery that intrigues fans about the event that makes everyone in the Todoroki family believe Dabi / Toya is dead.

In the meantime, Dabi now deliberately defeats his heroic father by revealing more shocking secrets. It could be said that this was the biggest event that Shoto and his family had to go through.

My Hero Academia made fans curious about the events of the old hero son Endaevor | Manga/Film

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