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MU Online “owner” is preparing to return to Southeast Asia market, there was a time of launch

MU Online is probably the first game to come to Vietnamese gamers, especially with the 8x player generation. During that period, MU Online attached to pirated server or homemade “auto” measures such as plugging a mouse. After that, even though FPT was officially released in Vietnam, the memory of a time playing on a pirated server was forever associated with the memories of Vietnamese gamers. Many 8x players will still remember it on their screens did the net-room computers on that day come to the “hangtá” MU icon?

After that, Although there are many mobile games that claim to be “MU owner” but there is no product that is enough to cover the nostalgia of Vietnamese players about a glorious mouse slot in the Vietnamese net rooms that day. Up to now, many 8x gamers still have moments of recollection about MU Online, and like conditional reflexes, they explore and download pirated servers to return to their memory.

MU Online owner is preparing to return to Southeast Asia market there was a time of launch | Mobile & Social

Therefore, the information “MU Online” is about to return to Southeast Asia market through PlayPark game portal of NPH Asiasoft with partner Webzen – the father of MU Online is one of the most happy information for The gamers still have a heart and soul to the legendary monument.

However, it is not until recent days that MU Online Playpark will have new moves for Vietnamese gamers to continue to hope to return to a time when heroic “mouse-jacking” has happened. Specifically, on the Fanpage of this game, a notice has been given to allow players to register in advance at the MU Playpark homepage, and also reveal the time of the game launch, specifically in the upcoming March 20/20 for Southeast Asian gamers.

MU Online owner is preparing to return to Southeast Asia market there was a time of launch | Mobile & Social

This version will include 8 character classes, including Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner, Rage Fighter and Grow Lancer. This is really good news for MU Online game lovers, especially for the generation of 8x, 9x gamers who once “plugged”, plugged a mouse outside the net shop to plow MU.

Gamers can pre-register at:

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