Most unfortunate absences at Worlds 2020

Tomorrow 15/9, the draw is divided into the table Worlds 2020 will officially take place. In the eagerness and anticipation of millions of fans around the world, there is still a bit of regret, when this year’s tournament is missing many familiar names for the audience.


Even when Faker was not at his peak, he was still the most influential name of professional League of Legends. People who don’t love Faker can make fun of him every time T1 lost tickets to Worlds, but there is a reality that no one can deny, that is: a Worlds without Faker will become much less attractive.

Not far, at CKTG 2019, when T1 (then SKT) returned to the international arena, with only 2 group stage matches against RNG, they broke a series of records for viewership at The Worlds, and even the number of views of SKT’s 2 group stage matches, is roughly equal to the number of people who watched the previous Worlds 2018 Final.


Maybe the achievements of the representatives VCS At Worlds, it is not possible to achieve what local fans expect, but clearly, the Vietnamese teams have made a deep impression on this prestigious arena.

Most unfortunate absences at Worlds 2020 | Esports

The passionate, bloodthirsty gameplay is somewhat “naive”, but there is no lack of calculation with the distinctive trump cards, creating the so-called “VCS style” in the impression of the national gaming community. health. Of course, with the level of expertise still inferior to many other regions, relying only on a few trump cards is not enough for VCS teams to progress beyond the group stage.

However, their performances always bring moments of refreshing experience to the CKTG’s audience, regardless of the results of winning or losing.


Not names like Team SoloMid or Team Liquid, it is clear that Cloud9 is the No. 1 pride of North America when attending international tournaments. C9 is the NA team with the best results at Worlds, not only that, this team is also known for its classic “overcoming”, meaning that no matter how crisis it falls into, They will still find a way to get a ticket to Worlds.

Most unfortunate absences at Worlds 2020 | Esports

Cloud9 holds a record of 7 consecutive times to attend Worlds, from 2013 to 2019, so the fact that they cannot come to Worlds 2020 really makes many League fans fall.

Invictus Gaming – FunPlus Phoenix

A tournament without champions is clearly too regrettable. League fans can expect that the Worlds 2020 tournament will have a chance to find a “new king”, when only 2 out of 6 old champions (Fnatic and Gen.G) will be present at the tournament. this cup.

Most unfortunate absences at Worlds 2020 | Esports

However, in another aspect, seeing the team win last season on the journey to defend the throne is also a very attractive scenario. In Worlds history, only T1 has ever completed this challenge, and if FPX can make it to Worlds 2020, it is clear that we will have more reasons to follow the team’s journey.

As for IG, their absence with the 2 stars Rookie and TheShy also have a reason to make fans regret. The Worlds 2018 champions are always known for their liberal playstyle and reliance on individual skills, so their beautiful performances are something many fans regret, when they cannot export. Current tournament this year.

The stands are vibrant

Audiences are the soul of every sports tournament, and unfortunately part of the soul of Worlds 2020 will also be absent. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, this year’s tournament will be held without spectators watching.

Most unfortunate absences at Worlds 2020 | Esports

While Riot Games said it is working hard to negotiate with the Shanghai government to allow a small number of spectators to watch the Finals live, we will face reality anyway. that Worlds 2020 will lack some of the enthusiasm, when there are no more cheers and cheers from the stands full of spectators.

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