Moss green will be replaced with navy blue on iPhone 2020

According to a new rumor appearing today, Apple will replace moss green (midnight green) with navy blue (navy blue) on iPhone 2020 launched later this year.

Like the “rabbit ears” that appear on the iPhone X, mossy green has divided the Apple fan community. A lot of people hate it, but there are many others who love it; and overall, moss green is a new, interesting color choice compared to traditional colors such as space gray, silver or gold.

Of course, no one is opposed to having more new colors to choose from, and it is likely that navy blue will be one of the new features on the iPhone 2020. Goodbye, moss green!

This information was disclosed by Max Weinbach member of the XDA Developers forum. He said Apple will first introduce navy blue for the Pro version of the iPhone 2020 this fall.

And Max says this is the only color added this year to the iPhone lineup. He believes that navy blue will replace moss, so the iPhone still only has 4 colors to choose from.

It should be noted that Max Weinbach is not a famous Apple leaker; His most recent true prediction was when Max raised a few changes to the 2019 iPhone lineup (iPhone 11) – including a brand new color (mossy green).

If the navy blue on “iPhone 12 Pro” is similar to what is shown in the video mockup below, then maybe Apple should prepare to collect money from fans!

iPhone 12 Pro navy blue

iPhone 2020 will be nothing attractive?

Another new report reveals that the iPhone 2020 will not have as many major changes as we expected.

It will be thinner than the previous generation, with a larger screen for some models. But almost every other element will be identical to last year’s iPhone 11 lineup, of course the whole set of curved metal frames.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously made predictions that Apple will introduce an iPhone model with a new design this year, with sharper edges, similar to the iPhone 4.

That plan may have changed. It is also possible that the recent rumors are not true, so you should read it for reference only. So far, Kuo remains the most accurate source when it comes to Apple products.

Reference: CultofMac

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