Monster Hunter’s teaser aired, revealing the super cool sand dinosaur monster that caused guns and bullets to give up

Recently, Sony Pictures has suddenly released a teaser of Monster Hunter – one of the few movie blockbusters that will keep the same release schedule this year, instead of going back to 2021 because of Covid’s influence- 19. Although it only lasted for 13 short seconds, this teaser has brought a lot of remarkable details. Among them is Black Diablos – a giant monster hidden in the sand, inspired by the Triceratops dinosaur.

The short teaser of Monster Hunter is enough to reveal the giant sand monster Black Diablos, with inspiration from the Triceratops dinosaur.

Besides Black Diablos, the teaser also makes the audience wonder when the hunters are only using guns, not seeing the silhouette of swords or powerful swords. We have Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovov) is able to manipulate a minigun while her teammates hold a few rifles when facing a sand monster. However, the official summary of the film states that these guns will be completely useless on the Black Diablos, forcing hunters to change weapons and tactics in order to survive.

Specifically, Sony Pictures said: “When a sandstorm suddenly hits Lt. Artemis and his teammates entered a new world, they were truly amazed by the giant and ferocious monsters here that are completely immune to the power of their guns. In the midst of a hair-hanging moment in the war of survival, the team was fortunate enough to meet a mysterious Hunter Hunter – who possessed unique skills that allowed him to stay one step ahead of those monsters. After becoming closer, Artemis discovered Hunter was a member of a squad led by Admiral. Faced with a great danger that could destroy their world, brave warriors must combine their unique abilities to enter the final battle together.“.

The character’s appearance is quite reasonable in terms of costumes and weapons.

Previously, a number of behind-the-scenes photos of Monster Hunter were also published online, showing that character designs, both in costumes and weapons, were much more reasonable. In an interview with the Empire newspaper, actress Jovovich also revealed that her character will use the blade as the main weapon in her hunt monsters.

Besides, director Paul W.S. Anderson said the film has been 100% completed since July, and will be released in December in theaters around the world. Based on Capcom’s best-selling game of all time – Monster Hunter: World (according to TheVerge), this project promises to bring a more vibrant wind to the already bleak movie market. this time because of the Covid-19 translation.

According to TheVerge

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