Monster Hunter’s second trailer aired: Monsters ‘better than distilled water’ revealed, but the spotlight belonged to the cat Palico

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that caused many blockbusters to delay their release in the morning of 2021 and 2022, Monster Hunter is now one of the most notable names of the world cinema market in the last two months of the year. now on. Adapted from Capcom’s hit game series of the same name, this movie will take the audience into a fantasy world full of aggressive monsters and of course indispensable thrilling action, eye-catching.

Recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment has continued to air the second trailer of this project, a special version for the Chinese market. Before that, the first trailer, released last October gave us a quick overview of the Monster Hunter general scenario (you can read it again. here). And this time, they focused on showing off their very special techniques in blockbuster, shown through the group of monsters “better than distilled water”, very close to the original, and especially the appearance of Palico – lovely and familiar companions in the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter’s next trailer on air: Palico is finally revealed.

After being swept up by an unusual sandstorm to a strange world, Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) has quickly found a way to adapt to the fierce environment filled with giant monsters. Throw away the Earth’s guns, Artemis soon became acquainted with a series of new weapons to be able to fight more effectively. In this trailer, the audience can see that her ability to use the blades has become much more mature and professional.

Sony has spent much of the trailer bringing in new monsters, including Nerscylla, Apceros alongside Diablos and previously revealed Rathalos. In it, the dragon Rathalos can be considered one of the most characteristic creatures of the Monster Hunter franchise. And it seems that the post-production team of the blockbuster this time “took care” of it very well, providing the most realistic and detailed final image, helping longtime fans recognize it as soon as it appears, although its size is a bit large.

Rathalos will also be featured in the movie version of Monster Hunter.

The monster roster is like that, but the spotlight of Monster Hunter’s latest trailer lies in the final seconds with Palico’s appearance. Palico are creatures with the appearance of a cat and are a powerful assistant of monster hunters.

In the game version, each Palico has its own forte, such as attacking, defending, healing, setting traps or even picking and storing items. In addition, there are also Palico possessing superior cooking abilities and help players recover their energy after tiring hunting trips. This is the detail that Sony cleverly put into its new trailer.

Monster Hunter s second trailer aired Monsters better than distilled water revealed but the spotlight belonged to the cat Palico | Live

Finally, the details fans expected were also included in the trailer this time: Palico companion.

It is known that Monster Hunter will build a completely different scenario from the Capcom series of games. Main character Lt. Artemis is also a product created by Sony for the movie version. From the perspective of a character through the air to the monster world, this movie will easily reach new audiences, who have never come into contact with this game series before.

Besides Milla Jovovich in the lead role, Monster Hunter also brings together many notable faces in today’s movie world. Among them are martial arts expert Tony Jaa, who will play the role of Hunter – a hunter who is quiet but extremely brave, and also a companion to help Artemis survive in this new world; Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Josh Helman or legendary male rapper T.I.

Monster Hunter will officially premiere on December 4 here.

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