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Monkey sex addiction makes police have to give up, people are afraid to hide in the house

Exactly a month ago, Lopburi – a tourist city located about 150km northeast of Thailand’s capital Bangkok was in a worrying situation with the bad days that seemed to be only in the movies. Hollywood idea.

While people have to live in “cages”, monkeys roam everywhere, even occupy an abandoned movie theater, steal stores, disrupt order, walking around making the whole city sink in the stench of filth.

In addition, because the people as well as tourists “pampering”, feeding a variety of snacks such as confectionery, sweet fruits, these monkeys become more abundant in energy, “sex addicted”. time out.

Lopburi is a famous tourist city of Bangkok and many tourists love the monkeys here. (Artwork: Internet)

This situation makes them extremely aggressive because of fighting for each other. They also form a gang “fighting in the streets like the” gangster “of mankind, making people so afraid that they must hide in their homes.

A city resident named Kuljira Taechawattanawanna had to state that: “We live in cages, and monkeys live outside.”

The number of monkeys in Lopburi has doubled in just 2 years. Last month, the British Mirror Online estimated the city of Lopburi to have about 6,000 wild monkeys living. They are very aggressive and ready to attack anyone who stands in their way or intends to drive them away.

Some people thought that feeding them would calm the monkeys down, but it turned out that doing so made the situation worse.

Monkey sex addiction makes police have to give up people are afraid to hide in the house | Khám phá

Monkeys are eaten by many people and tourists, making the situation worse. (Artwork: Internet)

However, now, after 1 month, everything in Lopburi is at an alarming level.

The diet high in sugar of monkeys and the lack of tourists due to the Covid-19 epidemic made the lives of people in Lopburi extremely bad.

Even they are so violent that the police have to give up. Thai police armed with slingshots to control these rebel monkeys admit they cannot do anything about them.

This week, Nirad Pholngeun police told the Deccan Herald that their efforts to disperse large monkeys were “hopeless.”

Monkey sex addiction makes police have to give up people are afraid to hide in the house | Khám phá

The “gang” monkeys fight on the streets like a gangster in humans, making people extremely afraid. (Artwork: Internet)

He said: “In the blink of an eye, more monkeys have appeared. Lots of baby monkeys.”

Now many parts of the city are almost occupied by monkeys and no one dares to take the initiative. Currently, only one control measure is in place, sterilization for monkeys. The city is now planning for this, helping to prevent their bluffing.

According to the Mirror

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