Mobile World is about to launch a super application

In a meeting with analysts on February 21, Nguyen Duc Tai, co-founder and chairman of Mobile World’s Board of Directors, said he will launch the company’s superapp (superapp) in September this year.

“This super app is scheduled for release on September 30. Before that, there will definitely be test runs ”, Mr. Tai said.

Current Mobile World application. Photo: Hai Dang

In previous meetings with analysts, Mobile World has shared the launch of a loyalty program, with the form of accumulating points of shopping and purchasing throughout the retail chain of the company. ty, …

The launch of the superapp will help Mobile World’s tens of millions of customers connect anytime and anywhere, with much more functionality than using the retail chain’s individual websites.

Mobile World (MWG) currently has a total of 4 retail chains, including Mobile World (retail of phones and related goods), Dien may Xanh (electronics and telephones), Bach Hoa Xanh (goods). consumption), An Khang (pharmaceuticals). Mr. Tai does not share any other information about the superapp but can expect users to purchase all the company’s products through a single application.

Mobile World is collecting services such as selling scratch cards, selling SIM cards, collecting electricity – water – Internet charges, collecting insurance premiums, installments, transferring money, etc.These services May also be included in new applications.

Not to mention, being a large retailer with many items made via installment payment, it is likely that this application can approve installments for users without having to go to the store. Similar to other applications, customers only need to provide ID card and some other simple documents to be approved for a loan.

Once there is a large customer base, Mobile World’s super-application capability that provides movie ticketing, airline tickets, car tickets, train tickets, vouchers, etc. is possible.

To pay, perhaps the application will let users transact with payment cards or e-wallets. In the early stages, the retailer has a very small chance to integrate a separate e-wallet.

However, these features are only conjecture, nothing official. However, when it is called a super app, certainly the new Mobile World app must have all the necessary features worthy of that name.

In 2020, The Gioi Di Dong plans to achieve an estimated revenue of VND 122,554 billion, profit after tax of VND 4,835 billion, an increase of 35%. Answering to analysts, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai said he would not adjust the plan in the context of the ongoing Corona pneumonia epidemic, which is expected to affect the overall economic situation.

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