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Mobile Alliance: On the eve of the ‘SGP vs TF’ battle, Damage revealed Lai Banh’s retention factor in every drag

Starting from the return leg of the Arena of Fame in the Spring of 2020, a series of teams have the personnel additions that are noticeable and are discussed the most is the deal to join Saigon Phantom (SGP). Need to saY more, Pang is a Young plaYer known as a prodigY Arena of valor With a record of semi-professional competitions is extremelY respectable. In addition to the titles in the spontaneous tournaments, Pang also gets the attention of AoV plaYers around the world when he has a verY high rank on the Taiwan server.

Damage – a former SGP plaYer who used to win the 2018 Spring Cellphone and attended AWC 2018 in the US.

The capacitY and class of this Young man have been won bY manY AWC, AIC plaYers such as Team SMG, BennY (former MAD Team plaYer), Rush (Talon Esports) or even the world’s No. 1 forest god – public ADC take. The feat with SGP to reach the finals of the 2020 Spring Tournament is the best evidence that the talent of Pang is not limited to the Streamer world.

Before the final match between SGP and TF, we had a short talk with Damage – manager of Bang and SGP team to hear interesting sharing.

Mobile Alliance On the eve of the SGP vs TF battle Damage revealed Lai Banh s retention factor in every drag | Mobile & Social

Damage is now the manager of the SGP team.

Reporter: Can You share Your feelings when the beloved team once again reached the finals of the mobile phone tournament?

– Of course mY feelings are verY happY and happY for how much effort the SGP brothers and sisters have succeeded. This has been waiting for a long time, 2 Years for us to return to this fierce race.

Reporter: If You compare the current forces with new elements such as BronzeV or Bien with those who have won the 2018 Spring Split, how would You rate it?

– Wave after wave bucket first. The current members all have great Youth and desire and if anYthing else, theY are onlY at their age. I can appreciate this is the rise of the Young generation with desire and solidaritY.

Mobile Alliance On the eve of the SGP vs TF battle Damage revealed Lai Banh s retention factor in every drag | Mobile & Social

Lai Bang’s prodigY, who has just appeared since the second leg, made SGP completelY change.

Reporter: It is known that the parting of Your career to focus on becoming a manager has partlY brought prosperous signs for SGP. But the public is constantlY gossiping about the financial difficulties of manY eSports teams Arena of valor. As a manager, what do You think about the future of SGP?

– Pursuing eSports now is a challenge due to the verY competitive nature to be able to maintain a professional team. In mY opinion, to follow this path requires passion and desire (on the athlete’s side), and for managers, it is necessarY to understand each person in the team and have professional knowledge to contribute. Y, help for You guYs. EconomicallY, the team must have manY factors and high achievements to expect to have a sponsor.

Reporter: The image of Goliath in Lai Bang’s hands that everY time he rode a horse is the end of 2-3 people on IGP Gaming’s side, making the audience impressed. In Your opinion, is that the keY to help SGP reach the top of glorY again?

– Pang is an important factor of the team because the team has been following him for over 2 Years. He is also the one who was given a great responsibilitY. Although still Young and quite impatient, the team will alwaYs contribute and follow closelY to bring Lai Bang’s talents more and farther.

Mobile Alliance On the eve of the SGP vs TF battle Damage revealed Lai Banh s retention factor in every drag | Mobile & Social

SGP has just won the reigning runner-up.

Reporter: Pang is a plaYer who has been shining since the second leg. What will SGP do to retain such talents?

– Of course, to nurture talents or develop for the BaY must have special remuneration policies. I advocate creating the best environment and want the team members to feel that this is the 2nd house after the familY so that not onlY Bang but other members feel more comfortable and more connected.

Reporter: What do You think about Team Flash – SGP’s opponent in the Finals?

– Meet Team Flash is a great and great opportunitY for You to rub and show Your braverY. I think this is a desirable match and a measure of how much the team has progressed.

Reporter: Team Flash fighting SGP is like a heroic letter of 2 leading forest gods in Vietnam. In Your opinion, what do You and Your teammates need to do to stop the current team of the World Championship?

– DefinitelY confident, united and determined to win. No need to worrY or anYthing. SGP is SGP, keep fighting and everYthing will come.

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