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Misery like billionaire son Jack Ma: Being neglected by his parents, until he became seriously addicted to the game, his father taught him to remember life.

Jack Ma (SN 1964) – a famous Chinese billionaire. He is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology corporation. In October 2019, his estimated assets were about $ 37.5 billion.

Jack Ma married Truong Anh in 1988 and had only one son named Ma Nguyen Khon (SN 1992). Although he is a billionaire, information about Nguyen Khon is extremely limited. He also rarely appears with his parents.

The young master even was rumored to have died of brain cancer. After that, the Ma family hurriedly corrected, and revealed little information about their children.

It is known that the childhood of Ma Nguyen Khone was extremely lonely and sad. That’s because he was completely neglected by his parents to focus on his business.

A rare photo of Ma Yuan Khon.

Becoming a new game addict gets the attention of parents

Ms. Truong Anh once revealed that Nguyen Khone is how old her husband’s career will last for that many years.

Because Ma is so busy, Jack Ma and his wife cannot take good care of their children. At the start of his career, Jack Ma and his wife turned their home into an office with more than 30 people crowded.

Nguyen Khon is often locked in houses with no one to look after him.

He also rarely has meals with his parents. In the rare gatherings, the Ma couple did not pay attention to their children but only talked about business and work.

At age 4, Ma Yuan Khone was sent to boarding kindergarten because her parents were too busy. The boy just reunited with his family on the weekends. By the age of 10, Nguyen Khon became addicted to heavy games.

He often left home to hang out all night with friends. However, at this moment, Jack Ma and his wife have not really awakened to care about their children.

Misery like billionaire son Jack Ma Being neglected by his parents until he became seriously addicted to the game his father taught him to remember life | Game Online

Jack Ma and his wife used to neglect their children to focus on building their careers.

It was only at 12 years old, when Nguyen Khon accidentally said a sentence, that Jack Ma was startled to realize just how irresponsible his parents are.

“Parents are not at home, only work at home. I stay alone at home”, Yuan Khon said.

Jack Ma then immediately discussed with his wife, asking her to resign to stay at home to take care of the children. He said: “If I leave Alibaba, I will only lose a little income, but if I don’t go home, my son will be lost. No amount of money will save him.

Our son and money, I have to choose a “. Ms. Truong Anh then went backstage to teach her child wholeheartedly.

How to detox games for children is extremely strange

When Jack Ma and his wife realized their mistake, the son was seriously addicted to games. The chairman of Alibaba then determined to detoxify the game for his children. One evening, he gave his son 200 yuan (more than 650 thousand dong) to go play games.

He asked me to play for all that money, but when I came back I had to show him the benefits of playing the game.

At that time, Nguyen Khon was extremely happy. He went out 3 days 3 nights to come home, but he ate and ate, then fell asleep.

When he woke up, he told his father: “Just hungry, both sleepy and tired. Everywhere in my body is uncomfortable, so I don’t see those benefits. “

When Ma finished listening, he told me sternly: “So do you still want to play? Have you played enough? Want to go home yet?“.

Nguyen Khon finished listening to blush, speechless. Later, under the supervision and training of Ms. Truong Anh, Nguyen Khon gradually detoxified the game.

It is known that his son is the reason Jack Ma is determined not to invest in the game, although this field can make money.

Misery like billionaire son Jack Ma Being neglected by his parents until he became seriously addicted to the game his father taught him to remember life | Game Online

A joint picture of Jack Ma and his son.

Billionaire fathers do not need children to become the best students in the class

Ma Yuan Khon attended Berkeley University, California, USA. His father rented an apartment in the Bay Aria area to visit his son.

Before college, he lived in Canada and attended St George’s school. It is known that his academic performance is very good.

However, Jack Ma has never forced his son to become the best student in the class. Alibaba tycoon once told his son: “You do not need to be in the top 3 of the class, in the middle is best, as long as the score is not too bad.

Only this type of person (an average student) has enough free time to learn other skills “.

It is known that Jack Ma was born into a very poor family. He once shared: “I never enjoyed a great education. I failed the exam for whatever reason I don’t know. “ (Jack Ma has failed the university entrance exam 3 times).

It can be said that Jack Ma’s success comes from learning and accumulating many skills. Unlike most people, the billionaire teaches his son to see the world from a different lens and that is exactly the way many people go today.

Misery like billionaire son Jack Ma Being neglected by his parents until he became seriously addicted to the game his father taught him to remember life | Game Online

If you are a billionaire father, you still have to be independent

For many people, being born in a rich family means that you will be happy to eat, without having to worry about material life. For Jack Ma, it is not in his life dictionary.

The chairman of Alibaba does not allow me to rely on me all my life. Instead, if you want to live rich, Nguyen Khon need self-reliant way of birth, go up by their own wisdom and labor.

In a letter to his son, the famous billionaire said: “I don’t ask you to take care of me and raise me for the other half of my life.

That means I don’t raise the other half of my children either. When the son grew up, he completed the task. After that, I decide whether I go to work by a luxury limousine or a bus everyday. “

He also taught me, there is nothing in the world for free. Jack Ma recalled: “Dad bought the lottery for 26 years but never won the third prize.

This proves that people need to strive for their best. Remember, there is nothing in this world for free. “

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