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Misery hot girl, New Year to post ‘hire’ a temporary lover for fear of being asked ‘Ever married’

Tet is probably the most frightening time for many people, especially for girls and boys who are at an age where friends around have a lot of peace. Simply, because the New Year will be the time when you meet a lot of relatives, friends and the permanent question is always “When to get married”, “Where’s the lover who comes back” … Certainly nobody What a pleasure to be asked that. So, recently, at a network forum in China, a hot girl had to ask and even spend money to hire a lover to come to their parents to celebrate this Lunar New Year.

Her hot girl must recruit, hire a lover on the occasion of Chinese New Year this year

Conditions that she offers are also simple, not too picky with wages up to 1,800 Australian dollars. Whereby, “Applicants must be boys, just good-looking, not too handsome but not ugly. Because I’m normal, so too handsome will make people suspect, and if too bad, sorry, my family does not accept. In addition, also need good communication skills, can get along with my cousin cousin’s parents. It is required to have professional ethics, wholeheartedly at work and try to be warm to me, enthusiastic to the family as possible. Good acting is an advantage. Must be at least 21 years old and must have a private vehicle“.

Misery hot girl New Year to post hire a temporary lover for fear of being asked Ever married | Game Online

The paragraph posted pretty long lover of the hot girl

In addition, she also introduced herself to be 27 years old, 1m48 tall and weighing 39kg, quite slim but still sexy enough. If someone is interested and wants to apply, leave a message below the post and she will take the initiative. Her schedule and work plan have also been meticulously scheduled by her.

Come to my house at 9.30am early in the year. Dress clean, do not need to be too picky, simple but also be polite. My house does not have air conditioning, the possibility of a little heat. When you arrive, greet and sit down to watch TV or have breakfast with my cousin. At 12 o’clock, the whole family will have lunch. When anyone asks about our love relationship, show it off and take pride in it right away. You can leave around 3:30 pm when everything is over.

When everyone arrives, you will have 500 yuan in cash first. After everything finishes well, I’ll give you the rest“.

Misery hot girl New Year to post hire a temporary lover for fear of being asked Ever married | Game Online

Bringing lovers back to Tet has become an obsession for many people who are FA (Artwork)

It is not difficult, right, this service that brings business to Tet holiday seems quite reasonable.

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