Mischievous: Being forced to study online, male students pretended to be vice-principals, asking teachers to stop the lesson

As of February 19, China updated WHO with 74,135 cases of acute respiratory infections Covid-19 in this country, including 2,002 deaths.

And to cope with the ongoing disease situation, schools in China have conducted students to leave school, offering online learning plans.

For many students, the classroom study is not interesting, so they often think of a way to play games so that they do not have to do well or go to class. As for online learning, they have devised other ways to skip school, typically the badass story of a Chinese middle school student below.

Frustrated by having to study online, a male student who pretended to be the assistant principal asked the teacher to stop the lesson. (Artwork).

Specifically, a middle school boy in a junior high school in Xiangyang, Hubei used a chat tool, pretending to be a vice principal to speak with a physics teacher. When the online class officially begins, the “assistant principal”, who is assumed by the student, has informed the Physics teacher that the Education Department is banning online teaching, online teaching groups will be dissolved and the teacher will not need to be in that group too.

Of course, immediately after seeing the instructions, the teacher immediately trusted and then immediately left the online teaching group, reporting back to the assistant principal that he had followed the instructions given. It is known that this is a teacher, so he has not fully grasped the tricks of the cunning students.

Immediately after the story was posted on social networking forums in China, many people expressed the humor of the story, partly because the teacher was so easily overtaken, the rest by Extremely good acting ability of the student. Some people also said that, although the boy possessed “infinity IQ” but applied at the wrong time, it backfired.

Mischievous Being forced to study online male students pretended to be vice principals asking teachers to stop the lesson | Internet

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