Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: ‘If the ICT industry is Make in Vietnam, Vietnam will become a technology country’

The move from the real world into the digital world is the greatest movement in history

On January 12, in Hanoi, a conference to summarize the work in 2020 and to deploy the tasks for 2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications took place. Speaking at the conference, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said: “We are living in a very special period of humanity, the world is changing fast, difficult to predict, complicated and vague”.

“Because humanity is entering a completely new living space. The move from the real world into the digital world is the greatest movement in human history. In this move, the great challenge and Great opportunities always go hand in hand “, added Minister Nguyen Manh Hung.

Accordingly, digital technology, digital transformation and media have played a particularly important role in this transformation. The information and media industry has never had such a big mission as it is now. “This is also a rare opportunity for the information and communication industry to reposition itself, see the challenges and identify the right new living space, which plays a decisive role in all development.”

Digital Transformation Breakthrough: The cheaper you use it, the better you use it!

According to Minister Hung, if postage is to deliver letters and parcels, then postage will still be postage. But, if postage is to ensure the physical flow, besides the flow of data, if postage is the foundation to support every individual, every household can do business, can access the nationwide market. and globally, postage is the foundation to help people get rich and out of poverty.

“Therefore, the living space, the new mission of the post is extremely great”, the Minister affirmed.

The Minister emphasized that if the application of information technology continues to be the automation of old activities, it will still be the application of information technology. But if the application of information technology is to use digital technology to transform digitally, to change the operating model, information technology is really a revolution that helps humanity move from the real world into the world. gender.

Digital transformation is the continued development of information technology, but a breakthrough development. Explaining this, the Minister pointed out: “Breakthrough is, it brings all activities to the digital environment, the entire population and the whole. The breakthrough is in changing the way we operate life. place, the cheaper it is to use, the better it is to use it, the more technology develops … “.

That is the future of information technology and digital transformation.

Any country that has “turned dragon”, “transformed a tiger” is based on spiritual strength

If information security still ensures the information technology system, it will still be the same. But if information security ensures Vietnam’s prosperity in cyberspace, building a cyber security industry like a backup industry, is to own Vietnam’s cybersecurity system, then Becoming a power in cybersecurity security to protect the country in cybersecurity, cybersecurity and information safety will really have a huge new space and mission.

If the ICT industry is still outsourcing and employment, then this sector will remain the same. But if the ICT industry is “Make in Vietnam”, it is the development of Vietnam’s digital technology industries, the mastery of technology, design, creation and production in Vietnam, is to solve the Vietnamese problem, help The country is developed and from here on, conquering the world, is turning Vietnam into a technology nation, growing 2 to 4 times of the GDP growth of the whole country, is the driving force to make Vietnam prosperous. To become a high-income developed country in 2045, the ICT industry has taken on a completely new mission.

“Any country that has transformed into a dragon or a tiger will rely on spiritual strength. That power is only activated when the country has a big dream, a great desire”, the Minister said. .

Finally, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung concluded: “The draft of the 13th Party Congress has set this aspiration, the media’s mission is to arouse this aspiration and all the people of Vietnam, and from aspirations. this into spiritual strength, and from this spiritual strength into national development action “.

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