Minecraft mods can permanently ban too ‘young’ players.

Mojang Studios recently announced some of the steps they are taking so that moderators can better control the Minecraft community.

On Friday last week, Mojang detailed the new actions for moderators. These actions are implemented in the Bedrock version of Minecraft. Mojang’s goal is for “players to continue to feel as safe as possible”.

One of the biggest actions introduced was allowing the moderator to permanently ban players who did not follow the game’s community guidelines.

The bans will extend to “all versions of Minecraft (except for Minecraft Dungeons) with the aim of targeting serious law violations, meant to harm others,” Mojang specifically stated.

Minecraft mods can permanently ban too young players | PC/Console

Mojang also added that singleplayer parts will not be controlled and the team is also developing a temporary ban system for lesser law violations. Banned players will receive an in-game notification outlining why, as well as information on how to unsubscribe from Realms.

Examples of in-game behavior that could lead to a ban include hate speech, threats, disclosure of personal information, posting links to malware, impersonating employees and moderators. , cheating, abusing, spamming, posting obscene content and grooming (The word “grooming” is used to describe the process by which an abuser acts to gain a child’s trust, sometimes even trust. of the child’s parents).

According to the Minecraft support page, all bans will be permanent, non-negotiable, and cannot be removed and reversed by the support team. This means players will have to create a completely new account if they want to start playing again.

In other Minecraft news, it was announced last month that the Java version of Minecraft will require a Microsoft account to play from early 2021 onwards. All existing players will have to switch their accounts, so players can begin creating accounts through Microsoft.

“Switching your Mojang account to a Microsoft account is required. If you don’t, within a few months, you won’t be able to sign in anymore – it means you won’t be able to play, too,” Mojang confirmed .

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