Mina Young ‘was disciplined’ to stop streaming indefinitely, is the cause of the harmful ‘double shirt’?

Recently, the story of work Mina Young wear double’s shirt Noway and Cara, on the stream, made the community tumultuous. The reason why this issue arose fierce controversy is because Mina Young used “couple clothes” of Cara – Noway makes the fans of the couple dissatisfied, but when asking questions, they receive an unsatisfactory answer, because Mina Young replied, “This is a gift from the company and everyone in the company have a.”

However, Cara – Noway fans claimed that this shirt was a gift that fans gave the couple separately, and so Mina Young was also labeled a “liar”.

Shortly after the incident, SBTC’s manager surprised by announcing that Mina Young would “stop streaming indefinitely for some reason”, and the team is also recruiting new members. “Some reasons” here, although not clearly stated by this manager, but everyone understands it is related to the “double shirt” incident mentioned above.

Mina Young was disciplined to stop streaming indefinitely is the cause of the harmful double shirt | Esports

The status message announced that Mina Young suddenly stopped streaming indefinitely

And the internal “penalty decision” for Mina Young was circulated on social networks:

[Quyết định xử phạt của công ty]

Hi everyone, I have come back to HCM and have handled the last problem. I would like to announce the sanctioning decision as follows:

1 / Stop all Mina’s activities. Mina will be responsible to the company until further notice.

2 / Noway will continue to operate and must be more serious at work.

3 / The whole company will have to be serious and conscious in the use of common property and personal property to not influence others.

4 / The positions involved will also have penalties according to degree.

On behalf of the entire company, I apologize for pampering you too much to lead to the disappointment of so many brothers / sisters. Most of all, I hope to receive everyone’s forgiveness for Noway, or if not, please continue to support Cara on your next career path.

Tomorrow Mina and Noway will apologize live live.

This decision will be in writing for internal circulation and effective from tomorrow

Thanks to everyone.

After the above information, the gaming community continued to make mixed comments regarding the incident. Many people believe that the fact that Mina Young has false words and directly affects the Cara – Noway couple has offended many fans of this couple, and not only Mina but Noway also admitted. There must be a lot of criticism because he lets others use the fan’s gifts easily.

However, many comments feel sorry for Mina Young and think that this punishment is too heavy for her. Despite knowing the fault of the female streamer, but when Cara’s representatives also spoke up to calm the incident, the fact that Mina Young was “stopped indefinitely” also made many fans feel that the team’s punishment was somewhat serious. notch. Some fans even said that her punishment was unfair, and questioned “why does Noway have a part of responsibility but only punish Mina Young?”

This prompted the Management of SBTC to once again have to say:

Mina Young was disciplined to stop streaming indefinitely is the cause of the harmful double shirt | Esports

Mina Young was disciplined to stop streaming indefinitely is the cause of the harmful double shirt | Esports

Regarding the issue related to Mina Young’s disciplinary form, the Manager was too familiar with the SBTC fan community, said he was the one who led her into the profession, so punishing her made him hurt more . But because Mina Young’s case is of a nature that can seriously affect others, discipline is necessary, so that she can seriously consider and learn from experience.

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