Microsoft revealed how the applications will display on dual screens

Microsoft is starting to share more details about how applications will run on dual-screen devices like Surface Duo or Surface Neo. Introduced in October, while the Surface Duo with a smaller screen will run Android, the Surface Neo with Neo screen will run Windows 10X. Now, Microsoft is letting developers test how their applications will display on both screens.

By default, each application will occupy a unique screen. Users of Surface Duo or Neo can then extend the application to full screen when they are in a vertical or dual screen layout. According to Microsoft’s visualization, developers will have different ways to take advantage of both dual screens.

Surface Neo and Surface Duo

It is possible to view the dual screen as an enlarged view, to display two pages of a document at the same time, or use the second screen to display another application at the same time, or a screen will display. main part of the application and its details will be displayed on the second screen.

In addition, Microsoft also launched an Android emulator for Surface Duo so developers can test their mobile apps. The Windows 10X emulator for Surface Duo will be released next month. At that time, Microsoft will also announce more details for its dual-screen plans.

Microsoft revealed how the applications will display on dual screens | Mobile

According to Microsoft’s visualization, this is how applications will display on dual screens

Of course, the Android emulator will support Android apps, while Windows 10X will include native support for Windows APIs to allow developers to detect the location of the hinges and optimize them. Win32 and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications for these applications.

Microsoft even proposes new web standards for dual screen layouts and “is actively bringing in new capabilities to allow web content to deliver a better experience on dual screen devices. ” During the company’s Build developer event in May, Microsoft will probably announce more details about these dual-screen devices.

Microsoft revealed how the applications will display on dual screens | Mobile

Windows 10X emulator

Other device OEMs like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus are also developing dual-screen and foldable Windows 10X devices. Such a device is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold that has appeared at the recent CES, and perhaps more such devices will appear in the future.

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