Microsoft on hardware journey with Surface: Large, but still immature

By the end of the second quarter, Microsoft went against the downturn of the technology market when it recorded profits of up to $ 11.6 billion. Surface, a business that was once considered a “subsidiary” of Microsoft, now has revenues of up to $ 1.9 billion.

With this result, Microsoft has become a powerful player in the PC hardware industry: Microsoft’s $ 1.9 billion in revenue is no longer far behind the same period of revenue of ASUS or Acer. Surface’s position today is also particularly noteworthy when Microsoft began with … billion dollar failure (Surface RT).

But sadly, Surface has become a large business segment of Microsoft but has not reached the maturity level of quality.

The latest machines

Surface Laptop 3: Victim of an extremely serious hardware error that makes the screen fragile.

Proof: both the latest Surface models, Pro 7 and Laptop 3, last quarter experienced an unexpected shutdown of unknown causes. This bug has been reported by users since April, but it was not until early July that a patch was available. In other words, for months, users of the latest and most expensive Surface computers have to accept an extremely annoying bug due to Microsoft’s poor quality management.

This error then causes another consequence: both Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 are not updated to the latest Windows 10 (May 2020). The reason for the wait is probably for Microsoft to integrate the patch for the shutdown mentioned above into a major update. Another “bad cry” paradox occurred: Microsoft’s own PC users had to wait for updates while other Windows PC users enjoyed Windows 10 May 2020 earlier.

This is not the first problem with the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3. In February, many users spoke out about the fact that the Surface Pro 7 lost its ability to accurately recognize the pressure applied by the S Pen, only noted. get about 5 – 20 levels of touch instead of 4096 levels as designed by Microsoft. This problem only appears when users … touch the screen, an extremely common and natural action when users use the tablet in touch mode.

Around the same time, the Laptop 3 was even more serious. Many people said that their Surface Laptop screen suddenly cracked for unknown reasons. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft was forced to admit that the Laptop 3 could let “hard particles” fall into the body creating cracks on the screen.

History is full of errors

Microsoft on hardware journey with Surface Large but still immature | Phone

Surface history is brimming with small errors like blue screens ….

Microsoft on hardware journey with Surface Large but still immature | Phone

Until the Flickergate disaster.

For Surface users in the past, the story of Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 seems to be … very ordinary story. The first three generations of Surface had a charging failure that forced Microsoft to recall it. Surface Pro 3 has the error of recognizing the wrong battery capacity, causing the device to stop charging when the battery is not full. The Surface Book, a pioneering laptop designed to put NVIDIA GPUs on a separate keyboard, has a very high return rate when frequent blue screen errors and driver crashes. Surface Book 2 has an external GPU error … disappearing from Device Manager. Besides the big bugs, there are also the “natural” errors that appear after the software update: Studio lost connection with the mouse and keys, Surface Pro 5 and Pro 6 suddenly “burned battery”, Surface Pro 2017 hangs …

And of course, the most memorable is the Surface Pro 4 disaster. After receiving an update in the summer of 2018, Microsoft’s flagship tablet line began to experience screen flickering. The bug then spread to a large number of users, creating “Flickergate”, one of the biggest scandals of the tech industry in the last decade.

After the disaster, the nonprofit Consumer Reports even removed the “should buy” rating for all Surface products. According to its statistics, 25% of surveyed Microsoft devices will have problems within 2 years of purchase.

When will you grow up?

Microsoft on hardware journey with Surface Large but still immature | Phone

By 2020, Microsoft has 8 years of hardware development experience.

In fact, Microsoft is not the only hardware vendor that suffers from quality issues. It is also necessary to praise the Redmond giant when it almost always acknowledges and has adequate compensation for its users (for example, the Laptop 3 cracked screen is exchanged for free). But the special thing about Microsoft hardware is that, not a single product line has suffered a fatal error dense like the Surface at all.

Not only dense, but the bugs of the Surface are quite … ridiculous! For example, both Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop, both use old designs from previous products. But even without changing the design, the Surface may still encounter new bugs, not seen on its predecessor. Other hardware companies always know how to fix mistakes – Apple changed the design so that the iPhone 6s is not as brittle as iPhone 6 or Samsung increases thick clothes to avoid repeating the battery error, only Microsoft has not changed anything but … met. many new bugs !!!

Software issues are equally confusing. After all, Microsoft is still the boss of Windows, the absolute control of Windows. So, why can Microsoft hardware devices update their software so much?

Microsoft on hardware journey with Surface Large but still immature | Phone

When will the new error end ???

By 2020, the Surface is 8 years old. Microsoft is no longer a “novice” in the field of hardware. Since the launch in the disaster (Surface RT), Surface has gradually completed its role as the “standard” product line of Windows, which is the model that other hardware giants have to learn. But to really fulfill that wish, at least Microsoft must find a way to avoid the silly errors that Lenovo, HP, Dell, ASUS have not encountered. It’s been 8 years, why is Surface still so buggy ???

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