MCU: No need for 6 infinity stones, Thanos still possesses many powerful abilities that can “maneuver” the Avengers

Through two parts of the movie Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the audience has witnessed the terrible power of Thanos when he collected all 6 infinity stones. Not only is the snap of his fingers flying half the population of the universe, this power is also evident in the way he skillfully manipulates the individual functions of each member, turning defeat into victory within a narrow margin.

The image of Thanos in the MCU is associated with 6 infinity stones, but few people realize that he is also an extremely elite warrior when his hands are not facing other opponents.

In fact, Thanos was “teased” by Marvel Studios from many previous odd films. First appeared in the post-credits scene of The Avengers (2012), the mad Titan gradually revealed his conspiracy when sending Loki and the Chitauri army to invade Earth. Next, he returned to Guardians of the Galaxy and teamed up with Ronan the Accuser. Finally, Thanos appeared in the final episode of Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he possessed the infinity gauntlet and decided to go out and collect the most powerful stones in the MCU at that time.

The disappearance of Thanos can not help fans, especially those who have never read the original comic book, wonder about the real power this character possesses. Is it possible that when he is not in the hands of 6 Infinity Stones, is he still as powerful as in a comic book? If we carefully analyze what happened on the big screen, we will see that this Titan’s true ability is not the right form.

Super power

As introduced in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ hometown is Titan, which is also the planet of the race of the same name. In the general Marvel universe, Titan is a species with divine power, described as very strong, immune to many attacks and difficult to defeat. Gamora also admitted she was not sure if Thanos could be killed, and Thor insisted on finding a weapon stronger than the hammer Mjolnir to have a chance of winning him.

As a Titan, Thanos naturally possessed great physical strength with strength beyond the limit of a normal Earth person. This allows him to create super powerful attacks, easily lift or toss items that weigh a million tons. In the first scene of Infinity War, Thanos did not have too much difficulty when he used one hand to break the Tesseract to get the Space Stone inside.

During the battles in Wakanda, on Titan, and later on Earth (Endgame), Thanos repeatedly displayed his powers without the aid of infinity stones. However, because the movie’s progress is so fast, and there are so many details happening, it is easy for audiences to ignore this. Some examples include when he escaped the Eldritch rope from hundreds of copies of Doctor Strange; when he single-handedly “peeled” the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead and ruined the character’s tough vibranium “skin”. Many members of the Avengers, including the two “leaders” Captain America and Iron Man, are defeated when solo with Thanos.

Holy stamina

As a Titan, Thanos not only possessed supernatural powers, but was also created with divine endurance. This makes him invulnerable and the most terrifying enemy in the current MCU. The most obvious example is the times when Thanos held an Infinity Stone with his bare hands without showing any pain at all. As in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy introduced, the Power Stone is described as capable of completely destroying any organic object that touches it. However, Thanos can easily remove it from the infinity gauntlet with his bare hands without any difficulty, just a little throbbing sensation.

Besides, Thanos is also a very good “hit” person, especially when facing the Avengers. From Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Strange or Star-Lord bullets, he feels “not disgusted” at all. In Infinity War, when fighting on Titan, it was so hard that Tony Stark and his colleagues could make him drip a rare drop of blood on his face, before being crushed. Even when Thor thrust the Stormbreaker ax into the center of Thanos’ chest, he still had the strength to speak to the god of thunder and perform a snap of fate. In Endgame, Thanos was constantly overwhelmed by Captain America with a Vibranium shield and Mjolnir hammer, but in the end he still easily overturned with his formidable stamina.

Physical strength “buffalo” is respectable

MCU No need for 6 infinity stones Thanos still possesses many powerful abilities that can maneuver the Avengers | GameK

The Titan blood also gives Thanos a rich source of physical strength to be able to fight non-stop for a long time, as if his body does not produce exhausting toxins. That allowed him to constantly use the power of the Infinity Stones, fighting Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the members of Guardians of the Galaxy alone. After that, he also quickly disappeared to Earth and cleared the entire Avengers here in the forest of Wakanda. Nothing can stop Thanos, even if he doesn’t have the Infinity Stone. And the truth is that when soloing with the Avengers, the crazy Titan rarely uses these powerful stones.

Speed ​​cannot be underestimated, reflexes are also not suitable

MCU No need for 6 infinity stones Thanos still possesses many powerful abilities that can maneuver the Avengers | GameK

Possessing a tall and muscular body, but Thanos is quite agile – a plus when he has to confront other “heavy” opponents like the Hulk or Thor. After a few seconds of giving Hulk power in the opening of Infinity War, the Titan immediately responded with attacks that were both fast and powerful, while also easily dodging the enemy’s punches.

In addition, Thanos also showed himself faster than Iron Man’s Mark L Armor. That helps him dodge Stark’s assassination attack and even stab him back, nearly taking his life on Titan. When he was in Wakanda, Thanos was completely unaffected by the super speed of the Black Panther, the constant bullets of the War Machine or the sorrowful arrows of Okoye.

Impressive wound recovery ability

MCU No need for 6 infinity stones Thanos still possesses many powerful abilities that can maneuver the Avengers | GameK

In order to demonstrate the “indestructible” nature, the mad Titan also possesses the ability to recover an extremely impressive wake, allowing his body to quickly heal even if seriously injured. how many more. Immediately after from Titan to Earth, the bruises, cuts on Thanos’ face were completely gone. Next, despite being stabbed by Thor with a fatal stab in the chest, he was still quite calm, especially after successfully performing the infinity snap. However, perhaps because of the overwhelming power from the 6 Infinity Stones, even Thanos’ great recovery ability suffered from hand, unable to heal the burn caused by the snap.

Some other special skills

MCU No need for 6 infinity stones Thanos still possesses many powerful abilities that can maneuver the Avengers | GameK

In addition to the inherent abilities thanks to the Titan blood flowing in his body, Thanos is also an elite warrior who can fight with his bare hands. When “dressing up” with his special blade, he becomes a formidable opponent that anyone must be wary of. Not only physically strong, Thanos also possesses great intelligence with the ability to plan somewhere with the sole purpose of realizing his dream. This Titan is a bit crazy, but is always a talented leader with the ability to manipulate others extremely convincing and methodical, as he did in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In short, even without holding any Infinity Stones in hand, Thanos is still an uncomfortable opponent at all, and it takes many superheroes to combine to win. him.

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