Marvel fans create an Iron Man glove that can release super-hot plasma to cut extremely sweet metal, just like in the movie

Iron Man is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s natural and charming acting ability. And for those who love technology, he is also an endless source of inspiration for them to constantly invent, create interesting items with the ambition to create a real-life Iron Man.

At the end of May, YouTube channel, the Hacksmith, with nearly 9 million subscribers, posted a video recording the process of making the laser cut glove that can cut off the metal that Iron Man used in Avengers: Infinity War. This is quite a good weapon to help Ironman can break into the Ebony Maw spacecraft and rescue Doctor Strange after the battle in New York. And in real life, it is not trivial at all.

After flying armor, it was Iron Man’s metal-cutting glove that appeared in real life.

The Hacksmith said that although in the movie Iron Man uses lasers, in real life this kind of ray cannot be so hegemony. Therefore, they had to switch to plasma cutting machines, often used in welding techniques, to be able to cut super-hard steel pieces as easily as using butter knives to spread bread. This YouTube channel also explains that plasma is the fourth state of matter (after solid, liquid, and gas). When atoms or molecules of matter are ionized, they produce a plasma phenomenon.

A plasma cutter is a device that can create this state using the principle of air compression and a large source of energy. They also did not forget to emphasize that the plasma can reach temperatures up to 20,000 degrees Celsius, which is hotter than the surface of the sun (about 5000 degrees Celsius), and thus can easily cut metal. .

Marvel fans create an Iron Man glove that can release super hot plasma to cut extremely sweet metal just like in the movie | Manga/Film

Instead of using a laser, the Hacksmith will use a plasma cutter for its project.

However, plasma cutters have a big problem with Iron Man’s gloves: It needs to be connected to a power outlet to work. That will affect the range of operation for this glove, and not to mention that if outdoors, it will become completely useless. So the Hacksmith decided to dismantle the mower and find a way to redesign it and make it run on battery, no matter the power outlet.

To create enough power, they used 12 high-class Tattu Gens lithium polymer batteries, with a total voltage of 288 volts DC. All this mobile power source will be encapsulated into a stainless steel case and fit into a backpack to facilitate transportation.

Next is the stage to put the groin inside the gauntlet. The Hacksmith has integrated it into a small cylinder, and attaches it to the back of the glove. When needed, it will protrude and release plasma to cut metal. And when it is not needed, it slips inside, both neat and safe for the people around. This is the technology they applied when they created Captain America’s shield – the Wakanda version two years ago.

Marvel fans create an Iron Man glove that can release super hot plasma to cut extremely sweet metal just like in the movie | Manga/Film

Once completed, this project looks pretty neat and can easily take with me anywhere.

Here’s the full process that the Hacksmith has taken to create Iron Man’s metal-cutting gloves in Avengers: Infinity War. It looks quite primitive because it has not been painted, decorated, and application is not really high. However, the production team of the YouTube channel is still extremely proud of its product because they have cherished it for a long time but now have time to do it.

In addition, they also do not forget to remind those who intend to follow them, so be very careful during manufacture and use, because the plasma has a very high temperature, which can cause burns and affect the human eye. Use without protective goggles.

The process of manufacturing and testing the Hacksmith Iron Man glove, with the ability to easily cut metal.

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