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Marvel Comics: Can Emma Frost mutants cry out diamond?

Emma Frost is one of the most famous mutants Marvel Comics, one of the core members of the X-Men mutant squad. Not only attracts fans thanks to her extremely hot, sexy appearance, Emma is also remembered as a mutant possessing powerful abilities.

Emma Frost stands out with her beauty, hot and super cool.

This “White Queen” possesses up to 2 mutant powers thanks to the secondary mutation – the phenomenon that each mutant will have an extra esper parallel to the original. Her first ability is her psychic ability, which is on par with Professor Charles Xavier. The second ability is to transform the body into a special diamond, with the transformation mechanism quite similar to Colossus’ ability to turn the body into organic steel.

Marvel Comics Can Emma Frost mutants cry out diamond | Khám phá

However, Emma is not only capable of turning diamonds on the skin, but also her entire body becomes organic diamonds. But if you still find it too ordinary, then Emma has much greater capacity, when even the liquids, fluids in her body have the ability to transform. Yes, this means that not only are the parts that Emma … shows off to the world to see diamonds, but also the physiology of the body.

This incident occurred in Inhuman Vs. X-Men # 0, after Cyclops sacrificed his hero (in Death of X) to protect his compatriots, Emma began a plan to take revenge on the Inhuman, specifically neutralizing and imprisoning them to destroy the cloud. Terrigen Mist is killing mutants.

During those eight months of preparation, Emma once met Cyclops – of course, the young version of time travel was stuck. Although Emma knew that it was not the experienced Cyclops she loved, but of course when she met a guy … like the exact same person whom he had just died not long ago, Emma could not be touched. So she didn’t dare to look at young Scott, and a teardrop fell to the ground into a diamond worth the fortune.

– Scott … I … I …

– Emma? What are you doing here, wait a minute! Are you crying?

– Don’t be ridiculous. I cried enough.

Marvel Comics Can Emma Frost mutants cry out diamond | Khám phá

The encounter between Emma and the young Scott Summers.

In terms of quality, this diamond can say is the most expensive thing. With sizes and weight up to tens of carats, its value can be up to at least … more than 7 billion VND. Not only that, its hardness is also extremely terrible, in the form of organic diamonds, Emma can withstand the attacks of World War Hulk and more. That alone has made this diamond so expensive compared to normal diamonds.

Thus, it was easy to see that all the liquid in her body … could become diamonds, including blood, saliva, or other forms. Truly an extremely interesting and most expensive ability, right?

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