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Marketing specialist oriented online Marketing for businesses

“Online marketing is an indispensable trend in advertising plans of businesses today. Not only small sales units, but also large corporations must choose this new but not new method” – This is the judgment of Mr. Tran Lap Thanh – Marketing Expert, Training Academy Company Limited of 1 Teacher 1 Disciple.

Known as an online Marketing specialist in the retail field and specializing in training Marketing courses for many retail organizations in the market for many years. He said that it is necessary to carefully combine effective marketing tools to promote customer outreach in this period. In the process of implementing his projects as well as guiding the trainees, he realized that businesses have attached great importance to online marketing. But that is not enough.

“In fact, businesses have implemented Marketing but lack of synchronization, not exploiting the right key Marketing channel, many businesses are struggling to find solutions to connect marketing tools effectively, which is costly and time-consuming. fees arise. ” – He said.

First of all, you must understand the concept of online marketing ie online marketing. Marketers will use electronic means, computer technology to research the market, come up with product development strategies. To understand the role of Marketing, you must understand what common activities in this field include:

Social Media: Take advantage of social networking channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Twitter … marketers can reach more customers. By advertising viral brands, attractive content, attracting users to interact with products and services of the business.

Marketing specialist oriented online Marketing for businesses | Tech ice tea

Seo website: When it comes to online marketing, it is indispensable to create sustainable value activities, which is Seo website. According to Lap, this is the foundation for the brand to develop sustainably in a competitive market. Increasing the website’s ranking on search engines will direct users to use the products and services that the seller offers. Currently,’s Seo service is increasing the number of businesses interested by 75% higher than the same period last year, the unit has implemented many successful projects for hundreds of different units.

Google ads: This is a paid advertising form. Businesses can place ads above through the selection of keywords to Seo. However, it also costs a lot of money, so businesses and individuals should consider when choosing.

In addition, there are other types of online advertising. Marketing service providers are currently exploiting and using them very effectively for customers.

Thus, it can be said that Marketing services are diverse and there are many forms for businesses to choose from. Once you choose the right service, use the service properly, you will have a good effect in Digital Marketing.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of Marketing, expert Tran Lap Thanh discovered: Vietnamese enterprises have great potential when they have a large number of potential customers. However, the biggest obstacle is vision and market research, relationships as well as marketing ability have not arrived yet. This costs a lot of money for online advertising but the effectiveness is quite low.

“Online marketing services in Vietnam are growing like mushrooms after the rain. Marketer team will assist businesses to plan their marketing strategy, analyze the market, manage sales channels effectively” – specializing in Gia Lap shared more.

Marketing specialist oriented online Marketing for businesses | Tech ice tea

Experts Tran Lap Thanh notes that businesses and individuals choosing a package marketing service should learn carefully about the solution provider. Not all units guarantee effectiveness when advertising online. Especially when there are now many different schools of “black and white” marketing. Remember, in order to increase revenue, you must research the market, learn about customer behavior as well as how to attract consumers to care about products and services. Just one step wrong, the marketing process becomes cumbersome, only costs money for poor reputable services.

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