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Many “million dollar” games are still considered trash games, is this prejudice too much?

In rap, surely many people will know the concept of “diss”. Diss here is the act of attacking the weak point in order to harshly disparage the opponent in order to resolve the conflict. In the game industry in the world in general and the Vietnamese game village in particular, is there a “diss” phenomenon among the gaming community?

Sadly, this is completely true

Looking back on the development history of the modern world game village, since the “era” of 1995, there have been many endless disputes between the community of certain games. To mention, there are many very famous battles that last until now. Certainly gamers will not be able to ignore the “battle” to see who is the “king of the football game series” between FIFA and PES.

Many million dollar games are still considered trash games is this prejudice too much | Mobile & Social

What about online games? The war between League of Legends and Dota 2 has caused many players to be dragged into a spiral of controversy. On mobile platforms, it is not necessarily without such products. Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the most recent good examples between two MOBA Mobile names: League of Legends: Rapid War and Lien Quan Mobile.

If you pay close attention, the aforementioned battles all come from the big names of the world gaming village with an extremely large number of players. League Gamers: Speed ​​Chien criticizes Lien Quan Mobile for easy play, many “young buffalo”.

Many million dollar games are still considered trash games is this prejudice too much | Mobile & Social

PUBG Mobile community thinks that Free Fire does not “sit on the same tray” because of the bad graphics, many child gamers. That war key battle just lasted forever. The more games that have a large number of players, the easier it is to trigger the “battle game” battles.

But why are the war keys like that happening?

Looking at the names mentioned above, all can draw an answer that is the war that happens between games of the same genre, with many similarities. To prove my game is the best, the best way that the community chooses is to swirl on the opponent’s weaknesses to defeat. Put other people down to lift themselves up, that’s the way “old like diễm”.

Interestingly, the games considered as buffalo children are all successful in Vietnam or even in the world but still cannot escape the prejudice of the community. Surprisingly, even gamers who have never known these two games “suddenly” stigmatized according to the movement, thereby creating a worse look for the next person.

Many million dollar games are still considered trash games is this prejudice too much | Mobile & Social

Lien Quan or Free Fire are victims of this prejudice. In Vietnam, these two products have an extremely large player base, despite judgments from the community. Lien Quan Mobile and Free Fire are also two of the very few games with the largest revenue in the Vietnamese market with many majestic tournaments. For example, Garena’s Winter Survival Arena held in early November, totaling up to 2 billion VND, broke all records in terms of prizes for eSports in survival shooting ever. now on.

The success of Free Fire is also measured internationally. A series of markets such as Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, India … are extremely fond of Free Fire games. Even, this game also won the award in the category “Best Popular Vote Games” on Google Play in 2018 and always in the top downloads recorded by App Annie. The number of Free Fire downloads worldwide has reached 700 million and in Vietnam alone reached 48 million after only 3 years of launch. These are the numbers that speak, proving that the stereotypes about “trash games” are not accurate.

In short, is it fair that two of the products that are very successful, the golden egg hen, which generates huge revenues with a huge number of players are considered trash? If it’s really garbage, why are there so many players? Hopefully, in the future, the community will have a fairer view of the games, and recognize the good points and good points of these games instead of following the crowd to put things.

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