Making the world say its name, what bright future awaits SofM?

At 22, an age that is not young for the players League of Legends profession, SofM It was almost at the peak of his career, when he not only fulfilled his aspirations for Worlds, but also reached the final match.

In an interview with Riot Games, SofM said: “I play because the biggest motivation is to define myself, to let the world know me.”, and Sjokz – Female MC of Worlds responded: “No need to be like that. Because now the whole world knows who you are.”

Indeed, even in his first Worlds, SofM shined brightly as the main factor bringing Suning – a team ranked 3rd seed, into the final match. Although it is impossible to win ultimate glory, but Worlds 2020 has definitely become a launch pad to bring SofM’s name even higher, and with that, a new turning point in the player’s career.

So what bright prospects await the reigning World League of Legends runner-up after the miraculous 2020 season closes? Let’s take a look at a few possibilities:

Signed a new contract with Suning

SofM’s contract with Suning will expire on November 17. When joining Suning in the Spring of 2020, perhaps the fact that this team “missed” JackeyLove was the main reason leading to SofM only signing a 1 year contract.

However, things have changed now, SN from a team that only finished in the top 11 in the Spring 2020 LPL, has made rapid progress to finish at the runner-up of the World League. With young players such as Bin, Angel, and Huanfeng gradually asserting their talents, Suning’s future is now brighter than ever, and that is definitely one of the convincing enough reasons for SofM. continue to stick with this team.

Making the world say its name what bright future awaits SofM | Esports

On the SN side, after an unexpectedly successful season, they definitely don’t want to lose their brightest star. A new contract with a higher current salary (SofM is said to have a salary of about 66 billion VND / year), as well as a commitment to a long-term development orientation is undoubtedly the best prospect. to both parties at this time.

Join Invictus Gaming

Recently, the Chinese media continued to report that Ning – MVP CKTG 2018, was eliminated from the Invictus Gaming scrims squad. Welcoming a new Jungler seems to be an urgent need for this team, given their star performance is no longer in top form.

IG is also the team that is most rumored to contact SofM. In terms of money, the former King of Worlds 2018 is certainly not inferior to Suning, and the development environment here is also considered one of the LPL’s most prestigious “smelting furnaces”.

Making the world say its name what bright future awaits SofM | Esports

However, if it was a year ago, SofM’s fans will definitely look forward to seeing him in big teams like IG. But now, Suning is the “upper door” team in terms of performance. Moreover, two other IG stars, TheShy and Rookie, are also opening up plans to break up with this team, so the prospect of SofM switching to IG seems quite difficult to come true, and for his fans. then this best deal should not have happened.

Invitation from North America

It’s difficult to find a compelling enough reason for SofM to leave China for another region. LCS has never been short of money, and SofM herself is also quite good at English, so integrating is probably not a problem.

However, to say it is a bit cruel, because moving to the LCS also means that SofM will throw away the opportunity to compete for titles in major international tournaments.

Making the world say its name what bright future awaits SofM | Esports

Overall, if not the LPL, then only the LCS is the region that can guarantee the huge amount of compensation SofM deserves. However, the possibility of such a transfer happening right now is even more difficult than winning the lottery.

Back to VCS

This is certainly what many Vietnamese fans expect, but many of them have to admit that returning to VCS now is not a wise move. Not to mention the salary difference (Levi – who is said to have the highest salary at VCS, is only paid more than 100 million VND / month, according to the former coach Tinikun, that is … 50 times less than that) with SofM’s speculative salary).

Making the world say its name what bright future awaits SofM | Esports

The most possible scenario is that SofM will return to Vietnam and form a separate team, but having to run the team while taking on a competitive role will cause many obstacles for SofM. Moreover, VCS is similar to LCS, there are very few opportunities to break through the international arena right now.

SofM will be back in VCS, but maybe that’s a few years away.

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