Maika Vietnamese virtual assistant platform officially launches podcast listening feature

If in the past, Vietnamese listeners could only listen to podcasts through direct manipulation on popular applications such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts…, now, we can experience listening to podcasts with just our voice. speak Vietnamese.

Podcasts become a trend in content creation in the voice era

Podcast was originally created from two concepts: “Pod” in “iPod” – an Apple music device in the 2000s and “cast” in “broadcast” – which means broadcast in Vietnamese. If a few years ago, podcasts were quite unfamiliar to the majority of Vietnamese people, now, with the strong explosion of the internet and technology, podcasts have become popular and predicted by experts to be a trend in listening to music. promising new bar in the future. According to We are social 2021, 70.3% of the Vietnamese population aged 16-64 spend 6 hours 47 minutes using the Internet every day. In these 6 hours and 47 minutes, Vietnamese people use 44 minutes to listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are invested in developing content aimed at actual needs and specific audience groups. Therefore, the scope of the podcast’s content covers a wide variety of topics. Most podcasts are built in the direction of individuals sharing their experiences and knowledge, or are built as a close conversation between podcasters and guests who are experts in their field. Users of all ages easily find podcast channels that match their interests and interests, from providing information, sharing professional knowledge, health advice to confiding, entertainment, spiritual life. spirit… ensures to bring new and positive values ​​to listeners every day.

Currently, media agencies and radio stations have also begun to participate in the podcast market. Typically, VnExpress newspaper has now developed 8 podcast programs on topics such as news, psychology, gender, and business. The Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the People’s Voice of Ho Chi Minh City – VOH with the available advantage of a massive and diverse range of radio programs have also been developing podcasts in the form of re-listening. . Vietsuccess, Vietcetera… are also media units that are investing in developing podcasts with useful content about life skills and entrepreneurship knowledge for young people. In addition, online newspapers such as Dat Viet, Tuoi Tre, VietnamPlus, FBNC Vietnam… have also developed podcasts in the form of news.

As podcasts become more and more popular and loved by people of all ages, it is also considered very good to identify and create a brand impression with users through podcasts. Because the way the brand is repeated over and over on the podcast will gradually burn into the audience’s memory. According to Edison Research statistics, 54% of listeners tend to check out brands advertised on podcasts. This is very good news for businesses and marketers.

Many people like to listen to podcasts while cooking or doing housework

Recently, the strong development of virtual assistants and the birth of applications that integrate virtual assistants and smart speaker devices controlled by Vietnamese voice have changed the habit of enjoying content. of the user. Instead of just being able to listen and watch content on youtube, facebook… in their spare time, users can now comfortably explore podcast content even while busy with their hands and eyes, with just one command. .

MAIKA Podcasts – The first audio platform in Vietnam that offers a listening experience through voice interaction with MAIKA virtual assistant

As RSS feeds make it so easy to publish Podcast content, we often come across a podcast channel appearing on multiple platforms simultaneously. In addition to Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts which are famous podcast players in the global market, podcasters also publish their content on purely Vietnamese platforms. Among them, MAIKA Podcasts is a name that cannot be ignored.

Besides ensuring the main functions of a podcast player, MAIKA Podcasts also possesses many advantages as part of the MAIKA virtual assistant ecosystem. Powered by technology virtual assistant In Vietnamese, MAIKA Podcasts gives listeners a one-of-a-kind experience: operating podcast listening with just a pure Vietnamese voice.

Maika Vietnamese virtual assistant platform officially launches podcast listening feature | Apps/Games

Listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere by telling virtual assistant Maika to “Open podcast”

This function is now available on both OLLI MAIKA smart speaker and MAIKA – Vietnamese Virtual Assistant mobile application. When the command “Maika! Open podcast!” is played, MAIKA will help you open a rich repository of podcast content, suitable for your listening needs. Not to mention the times when you’re cooking or driving and want to turn up or down the volume or switch to a new episode, you’ll realize how much more convenient voice control is than manual operation.

Up to now, MAIKA Podcasts has had more than 500 unique programs with diverse topics (Entertainment, Psychology, Love, Marriage – Family, Business, Entrepreneurship, Literature – Art, etc.) History, Stories, News…). OLLI’s content partners are reputable agencies such as the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the Voice of Ho Chi Minh City (VOH), Tuoi Tre Newspaper, VnExpress, and Vietsuccess. Besides, MAIKA also has the companions of famous podcasters such as The Quoc Khanh Show, Nguyen Phi Van, MC Vinh Phu (Anhemcee), Nguyen Tu Anh (Active parenting), Old Guy and many podcasters big and small. is different.

To listen to podcasts on OLLI MAIKA smart speakers and MAIKA – Vietnamese Virtual Assistant application on iOS and Android operating systems, users just need to say: “Open podcast”. Or if you want to listen to a specific podcast channel, you just need to issue the command: “Open The Quoc Khanh Show”, “I want to listen to Nguyen Phi Van’s podcast”… Especially, users can enjoy All podcast content on MAIKA is completely free.

Not only providing a modern and convenient podcast enjoyment experience for listeners, MAIKA Podcasts is also a bridge for podcasters to come closer to listeners. The MAIKA platform is easy to link to podcast channels with an RSS link to create channels on the platform. With the effective support of Vietnamese virtual assistant technology, the useful content and value of podcast channels will be spread to a large number of users.

The Vietnamese voice-operated utility has brought a modern, new and convenient podcast listening experience to all Vietnamese. Based on this ability, MAIKA Podcasts also aims to share a difficult part of life for those unfortunates who have lost their light, helping their spiritual life to be richer, with their own close, dear mother tongue. close.

The platform “MAIKA – Vietnamese virtual assistant” researched and developed by OLLI Technology Joint Stock Company, is operated on both OLLI MAIKA smart speaker device and MAIKA application, bringing many useful features, practical for users such as: controlling smart home, listening to music, telling stories, listening to radio, news, podcasts, calling, alarms, reminders, translation… through voice interaction. The platform is currently collaborating with reputable content partners such as Tuoi Tre, VnExpress, VOH, VOV, Vietsuccess and many other podcasters to bring a rich repository of pure Vietnamese content to users. To cooperate in developing podcast content on MAIKA, or to build a new podcast channel, readers can contact the OLLI team via email: [email protected] or inbox fanpage Maika Podcasts”

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