LPL struggled at Worlds 2020, does Suning have reason to worry?

Is the LPL truly “unmatched”?

After catastrophic first matches, LGD Gaming finally Return to the winning streak to keep his name in the group stage. But the way Peanut and his teammates perform is also causing many doubts about whether the representatives are from. LPL Is it really as powerful as what their opponents feared?

Peanut has played a full role in the last 7 games of LGD, but according to many experts, this jungler is still a weak point of LGD. The former SKT player only played effectively with the two generals Kindred and Graves, while the other options like Lee Sin or Nidalee were really fuzzy, even a little catastrophic.

This year’s Worlds meta is considered to depend a lot on the Jungler position, and LPL is therefore still rated as having 3 superstars in this position, Karsa, Kanavi and SofM. Unlike Peanut, all three of the names mentioned above have significantly more advantages. Karsa has a deep experience and a sober, filtered gameplay, Kanavi possesses excellent personal skills and is greatly supported by the current meta game, while SofM is a Spiritual Jungler. flexible and very adaptable to any situation in the game.

Right from the summer split, Peanut was not as appreciated as his peers, but he showed that when placed in a game position LGD has the advantage of ban / pick, the Go position. The forest will still be an effective detonator.

Moreover, “dying is often a life”, LGD Gaming probably understood how they showed their own unforgettable face at Play-in. Including the remaining three names, the opponents’ assessments of the LPL quartet’s power correlation will not change completely, even if the region has had a series of catastrophic launches. any more.

LPL struggled at Worlds 2020 does Suning have reason to worry | Esports

The trap is called “Bo1”

LGD’s defeats have revealed a troubling fact: LPLs don’t seem accustomed to playing Bo1. It is also quite understandable that the traditional form of playing in the Chinese League of Legends tournament is always Bo3 and Bo5 matches or higher.

In the last 3 CKTG seasons, out of a total of 9 LPL representatives attending, only 3 cases won first place in the table (excluding Play-in), 2 times of which belonged to RNG, the rest WE, While also on two occasions, LPL teams were eliminated from the group stage.

LPL struggled at Worlds 2020 does Suning have reason to worry | Esports

Suning will have to get used to the Bo1 matchup, where once losing the game means “big”, there is no longer game 2 of game 3 to “move the move”.

This is an unimpressive number for the position of a region that is always in the top 2 in the world. Therefore, it is entirely possible that at least 1 in 4 LPL representatives attending Worlds 2020 is likely to be eliminated by the Bo1 round of scoring series.

The fact that Team Liquid entered Group A makes Suning’s position more dangerous, especially when this team has the nickname “game handicap specialist”, “reverse expert” in the markets. Bo3. In the LPL, SN often gave the opponent the lead in game 1, but at Worlds, if they lost a Bo1 match, there would be no chance of correcting the mistake. That is why Team Liquid becoming the last member of Group A worried many LPL fans, because the presence of two representatives from the West also means that SN will have to face. 2 experts playing Bo1.

LGD Gaming External Issues

It can be said that LGD’s performance is a “slap” in the face of LPL fans, even when this team has completed its goal of reaching the Main Event group stage. However, the Chinese community also soon found objective reasons to somewhat “vindicate” Peanut and his teammates.

Recently, a chat between xiye and Team WE players made many people realize that LGD’s coaching staff and management team did not have a careful preparation, even negligent. for CKTG 2020 campaign. The fact that he had to contact his former team – WE, to apply for scrims, while this was the responsibility of the staff, revealed the status quo that LGD players did not have. Minimum training conditions to prepare for the tournament.

LPL struggled at Worlds 2020 does Suning have reason to worry | Esports

The photo of the message shows that xiye had to contact Team WE for practice practice, while it was supposed to be the responsibility of the coaching staff and staff.

Meanwhile, both TES, JDG and SN, on the other hand, these three teams often leak scrims, a proof that they are practicing enthusiastically and at the same time are best facilitated to be ready. competition.

Because of that, the LPL community has reason to believe that LGD’s falls are just an individual case affected by too many negative factors, and it will neither represent nor take it. testify to the face that LPL is about to perform at this tournament.


Overall, the problems that LGD is facing, except for the highly questioned preparation work, are inherent weaknesses. The developments at the LPL Summer 2020 have shown that Suning possesses a completely superior level to LGD, and of course, they will also show less of their weaknesses.

With the same group as G2, TL and Machi, SN’s next door will inevitably encounter many obstacles, their biggest barrier is their experience, all Suning players make their first appearance at Worlds, and The problem of solving Bo1 matches will be a problem that the team coaching staff will have a lot of headache.

LPL struggled at Worlds 2020 does Suning have reason to worry | Esports

However, as mentioned above, Suning has a lot of strengths, on the players side, the fear will only indirectly kill their chances, SN, especially SofM, most must be careful, but absolutely can not lose confidence and shrink into a way too perfectionist. If their mentality is strong and they show the right face as in the LPL, a ticket to go on is completely within their reach.

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