LPL Spring 2020: TheShy destroyed Khan, Invictus Gaming ‘revenge’ successfully FunPlus Phoenix

Losing JackeyLove, IG is rated weaker than FPX in all aspects. Not to mention the other side of the battle line, the world champion has the presence of rookie Khan. And of course the confrontation between the two strongest teams in the world, the owner of the last two World Cup cups, has become a battle between the two players. TheShy and FPX Khan.

The main developments of the match

The confrontation between Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix In the framework of the Spring 2020 LPL Group did not disappoint the audience. The two continually offer eye-catching skill handling, and the total fighting situations exemplary in textbooks.

Thinking that FPX had a huge advantage to take the lead in game 1, TheShy and General Aatrox suddenly spoke up. Over the top of Khan’s Ornn lane, the amount of damage Aatrox possessed in the fight was too terrible, and IG regained the game thanks to the shine of the number 1 star in the squad, to lead 1- 0

FPX, of course, is not a medium, as they struggled strongly to equalize 1-1 after the second game, and in game 3, TheShy continued to announce to the world: he was the player. The best top lane. Even when using Ornn – a pure tank champion to confront Mordekaiser, TheShy’s damage is even higher than his colleague on the front line.

LPL Spring 2020 TheShy destroyed Khan Invictus Gaming revenge successfully FunPlus Phoenix | Esports

In the end, IG won with a score of 2-1 in the LPL opening match of the Spring 2020 against rivals FPX. This victory was not only a perfect mental push, but also partly paid off the debt of IG’s failure in the Worlds semifinals 2019, before FPX itself.

For TheShy personally, there is no longer a word to praise the player’s performance, even though IG has no longer maintained the No. 1 position, TheShy still shows himself as a superstar Tang. No. 1 in the world.

In another development, LNG Esports also won with a score of 2-1 against LGD Gaming. And so, both “super rookie” Khan and Peanut had to receive defeat on their first day of debut this season.

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