LPL English commentators also ‘fled’ from China to avoid the Corona flu

The English Commentator of LPL including Jake “Hysterics” Osypenko, Oisin “Penguin” Molloy, Joe “Munchables” Fenny and Rob “Dagda” Price today posted a short video on Twitter announcing their preparation to leave China in due time. a break of the LPL spring tournament to avoid the risk of infection of the Corona flu.

It is known that the foreign staff of Riot China, as well as the LPL tournament organizers, leave China as part of the government’s repatriation policy for its citizens currently living and working in China.

In particular, some European countries have asked the Chinese Government to assist in bringing their citizens out of China, especially the cities that are isolated from disease outbreaks, to ensure the safety of their compatriots, and have received consent. All 4 of the LPLs mentioned above are from the countries supported by the Chinese government.

Although the headquarters of the LPL is located in Shanghai, not an infected area, it is located relatively close to the area of ​​Hubei province, so to ensure safety, all foreign employees of Riot also have been allowed to return to the country under the control of the Governments of the two sides. After leaving China, they will have to undergo rigorous physical examination in their home country.

LPL English commentators also fled from China to avoid the Corona flu | Esports

Munchables, who posted the clip, also said that they are still safe from the disease, forced to return home is a move to ensure safety, and the BLV can not be sure of them. How long will it take to rest and the LPL is expected when to return.

On the Chinese side, the country continues to take tough steps in preventing the Corona flu, by extending the Chinese New Year holiday until February 2, while continuing to mobilize medical doctors. hung powerful into the center of the epidemic. As we have previously reported, the LPL Spring 2020 tournament has been postponed indefinitely due to the impact of the disease, so it is easy for Chinese Riot employees and foreign BLV employees to return home. understand.

LPL English commentators also fled from China to avoid the Corona flu | Esports

Notice of indefinitely postponement of schedule for two professional League of Legends LPL and LDL due to the impact of the Corona flu

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