Looking for the strongest version of Superman

It can be said that Superman is one of the characters that does not need to introduce much that everyone knows in the world of superheroes. Whether through television, movies, comics, or video games, Krypton’s last child will be and one of DC Comics’ key superheroes and one of the super fictional characters. Vietnam most in modern history.

Across the vast multiverse that makes up DC, there are countless versions of this iconic character capable of feats of seemingly no upper limit. But with all of his unstoppable strength and invulnerability, which version of Superman is truly considered the strongest?

Created in 1938 by the union of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman instantly became a huge hit among the crowd of superheroes and the public of the comics. This character is a symbol of truth, justice and the ideal path of the American people. Superman is always synonymous with strength and the ability to overcome all difficulties. But as the character has evolved over the decades, more and more versions of Clark Kent’s ego appear across the multiverse, with more relevance or even superiority to the original in terms of strength.

Looking for the strongest version of Superman | Live

All-Star Superman could not be more perfect for Superman. The sunshine is not only a source of power for Superman, but it also brings the heroic death. The image of Superman appears like a god but is just as real and complex as ordinary people.

From the extremely powerful version of Superman Red Son from Russia, to Superman from Earth-3 (named Ultraman), or Superboy-Prime that is extremely powerful but emotionally unstable, there is no shortage of versions of Superman so we can compare it when we find out what is really the strongest.

However, two of the strongest versions are Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman from Grant Morrison, who possesses as much powers as a god, bracing himself to maintain the light of golden sun and Superman. Superman Prime One Million, a futuristic version of the character, has a body of gold. This character has been hanging inside the Sun for centuries, growing exponentially with each passing second.

Both versions of these superheroes possess immense power and are at a much higher level when compared to other versions of superheroes in the DC multiverse.

Looking for the strongest version of Superman | Live

But after the equation against life has turned the entire DC Universe into zombie-like creatures with most of the pillar heroes slaughtered in DCeased: Dead Planet # 4, Jonathan Kent, son of Clark Kent, put on the Superman robe to continue his father’s legacy. The narrative provided by Batman explains that due to Jonathan’s unique physiological abilities and innate strength, Jonathan will one day surpass his father in both strength and power.

Looking for the strongest version of Superman | Live

Jonathan Kent of Earth 22 is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman’s godson on Earth. He is an astronaut and researcher Hypertime, which contains all the dimensional dimensions that existed.

So while Superman may be the jewel in DC’s works, the most powerful incarnation of this character isn’t really any version of Clark Kent, but his son, Jonathan. This character possesses all the abilities his father had and then some more abilities developed, Jonathan may not currently hold the title of Strongest Superman, but for the next few years, the character This has the potential to become the most powerful Superman in DC’s multiverse.

Superman Prime is a normal Superman, who left Earth at the end of the 21st century, after his wife Lois Lane and friends on Earth died. Superman Secundus, his son, becomes the new guardian of Earth. From generation to generation, although Solaris was committed to destroying the Earth, the Superman prevented it. Gradually, the Superman formed a Dynasty, protecting the Earth year after year, with new sources of power.

However, one day in the early 700 century, Superman returned to Earth, swearing that as long as Superman could protect the Earth, he would be endowed with powers beyond any metahuman ever held – the source of power comes from the edge of space – time.

The return of Superman Prime has been remembered by Green Lantern. Superman Prime and Lzyxm Ltpkz, Superman of the fifth dimension, sampled Lois Lane’s DNA inside Solaris to revive Lois Lane years later, with the help of Hourman.

Not only that, Superman also used his power to turn a small piece of Krypton back into a planet, not forgetting to revive all of the inhabitants of this place. As Green Lantern remembers, Superman Prime has traveled the universe, fighting the Evil Gods, “battles that no one can imagine”.

Superman Prime has the ability to open space gates. The Atom of the 853th century, who was the last living resident in another universe, was pushed to the boundary between the two universes by accident. This time, he met Superman Prime here and Superman invited him to stay in this universe.

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