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Looking back on Windows Me after 20 years: Is Microsoft’s operating system really as bad as we think it is?

Nicknamed by PCWorld as “Windows Mistake Edition“(Windows Error Version), Windows Me is remembered by many people with bad memories.

A strange step down the road to Windows XP

Microsoft launched Windows 2000 on February 17, 2000. Windows 2000 is a forgotten masterpiece – it’s truly a great 32-bit operating system for enterprise environments. Windows 2000 was built on top of Windows NT, the technology that still lurks under Windows 10 today.

Seven months later, Microsoft launched Windows Millenium Edition, on September 14, 2000. This operating system is designed for home users, is based on Windows 98 SE and still comes with DOS.

Windows Me has a very short lifespan: it was replaced by Windows XP on October 25, 2001, just over a year later.

With Windows XP, Microsoft has put everything back on track, a reliable consumer operating system, based on Windows NT. It’s also an operating system suitable for businesses. Before XP came along, home users had to use Windows Me.

Why Windows Me is expected to be very interesting

Windows Me is designed as an upgrade to Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). Microsoft’s Windows Me website promises to turn your home computer into a “multimedia entertainment center” thanks to Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker. They explode that Windows is easier to use with an “improved user experience” through features like “new wizards”. The experience of setting up a home network is also simplified.

Windows Me comes equipped with a number of features from Windows 2000, including System Restore to restore operating system files to their best previous state, and System File Protection to protect critical system files from becoming damaged. edit.

Windows Me also removed “real” DOS support, thereby helping the operating system to boot faster, but in return, less compatible with older DOS software that consumers might need.

Looking back on Windows Me after 20 years Is Microsoft s operating system really as bad as we think it is | Apps / Games

However, the slew of small features and low-level improvements in the system don’t convince most home users who are already stuck with Windows 98. Unless you buy a new PC pre-installed. Windows Me, why spend $ 209 for the full retail version, or $ 109 for the upgraded version? Windows 2000 is a big upgrade, but who wants Windows Me?

That is even more accurate because of the extremely poor stability of this operating system, which we will discuss shortly.

Windows Me in fact: a buggy version of Windows 98 SE

Windows 9x versions – including Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me – have always been criticized for their lack of stability. They are all DOS-based, just like Windows 3.0.

Looking back on Windows Me after 20 years Is Microsoft s operating system really as bad as we think it is | Apps / Games

Windows Me is even less stable than Windows 98. That is what many people would assert if they used it 20 years ago. PCWorld correspondent Dan Tynan calls the operating system the “Mistake Edition” of Windows and says it is one of the 25 worst tech products of all time.

Why does this operating system suffer from so many blue screen errors (BSOD) and countless other problems? Who knows! As mentioned above, the Windows 9x series has always been rated as unstable. Windows Me had some new features: for example, it introduced System Restore, a feature … which caused quite a bit of trouble for some users’ systems at that time. Hardware support issues have also been reported on systems with certain configurations. Perhaps Windows Me needs more time to develop.

System failures actually rarely affect businesses where Windows 2000 is recommended on workstations. Windows 95 and Windows 98 are designed for both home and business, but then all of a sudden there are significantly different versions of Windows for the office and for home computers popping up – and not surprisingly. the home version is less stable.

Of course, many others report that Windows Me runs fairly well on their systems. And Windows Me is probably not the only one: Windows 98 is often less stable when it’s also DOS-based. Perhaps Windows Me doesn’t really have much of a change from Windows 98.

But if compared to Windows 2000, which launched before Windows Me, we immediately wonder: why is Windows Me so unstable?

Hunt for Windows 2000

Windows 2000 shows the path Microsoft must take, but it did not bring Windows NT to home users until Windows XP.

In the meantime, some users too frustrated with Windows Me – or those who read so many bad things about it – don’t want to wait. These household users decide to buy Windows 2000, which is the enterprise version of Windows. Windows 2000 Professional costs $ 319 for the full version, or $ 219 if you upgrade from Windows 98 or 95. That means it’s $ 110 more expensive than Windows Me.

Looking back on Windows Me after 20 years Is Microsoft s operating system really as bad as we think it is | Apps / Games

Some people even started handing over pirated Windows 2000 discs – usually a copy of Windows copied from where they worked – with the idea that using the operating system was acceptable because they had to give up. money out to buy a useless operating system like Windows Me. Obviously, that is still illegal. But we are completely sympathetic, because after all, everyone wants a stable version of Windows that doesn’t hang the system as often as Windows Me.

And Windows Me is also the reason some others started tinkering with Linux. Linux desktop distros at that time were still very complex, but they were certainly more stable than Windows Me.

Windows XP saves the world

With Windows XP, Microsoft put an end to the Windows 2000 and Windows Me mess. Instead of rolling out a service pack for Windows Me and spending time fixing it as it would with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 later, Microsoft introduced Windows XP and brought the Windows NT platform well. are more specific to household users. User-friendly interface, with the multimedia features of Windows Me brought to Windows XP, of course they also work more stable. Windows XP is better compatible with consumer applications that can run into a lot of bugs when running on Windows 2000.

When Windows XP came out, both businesses and home users were using the same version of Windows for the desktop. It is true that this new operating system still has Home and Professional versions with a few different features, but they are basically the same operating system.

Windows XP is obviously buggy – many security flaws that last until the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 have been fixed, and the same desktop interface doesn’t look very professional. But nowadays, people still have good feelings when it comes to Windows XP, and many people are determined to use it even when Windows 7 has been released for a long time.

But no one is so attached to Windows Me. Even if you want a DOS-based version of Windows to run old software, you should choose Windows 98. It is simply better compatible with older software.

Reference: HowToGeek

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