Looking back on a one-year journey full of proud achievements of Vietnamese eSports

So the Year of the Pig was about to pass so Canh Canh Ty knocked on the door. After this Chinese New Year, eSports Vietnam will officially return to the reel with the 2020 season. The two tournaments that Vietnamese fans are most looking forward to are the 2020 Arena of Fame Arena and the 2020 Spring VCS will kick off in early February.

The two most expected tournaments will kick off in February 2020

2019 is a flourishing year for Vietnamese eSports when one of the games has the largest community in Vietnam, Arena of valor Vietnam won two prestigious international awards of the year, AWC 2019 and AIC 2019, and both of them belong to Team Flash. Not only that, Team Flash also holds 2 cups of the domestic arena of Glory to complete the 2019 collection with 4 of the most prestigious awards of Arena of valor.

Looking back on a one year journey full of proud achievements of Vietnamese eSports | Esports

Team Flash Lien Quan, the best eSports team in Vietnam 2019

With the AWC 2019 championship at home, the moment of the Cup Flash boys’ cup raising became the most impressive image in 2019 of eSports Vietnam. ESports in general and Lien Quan Mobile in particular are making remarkable changes, which will be the premise for 2020 and the next years of the eSports industry to grow strongly in Vietnam.

Contrary to Mobile Union, colleagues League of Legends There is not a very successful 2019 when dramas that are not worthy of continuous happening. The most expected team with many bright names, GAM eSports, didn’t show much at the last World Championship. The only bright spot of League of Legends Vietnam last year was probably the only game of Lowkey Esports against Damwon Gaming at the 2019 World Championship.

Looking back on a one year journey full of proud achievements of Vietnamese eSports | Esports

Lowkey Esports is the only VCS team to have a victory against the LCK

Last December, the SEA Games 30 Southeast Asian Games officially kicked off in the Philippines. With the first time eSports were introduced to compete in six sports, esports was somewhat recognized in our region and it brought a different perspective to video games. With 3 bronze medals in 6 competitions, this is not a bad achievement when the host country always favor their strengths. In particular, with the bronze medal of 496 Gaming in front of many stunned opponents, this can be considered a big step of DOTA 2 in Viet Nam.

Looking back on a one year journey full of proud achievements of Vietnamese eSports | Esports

Representative of Vietnam, 496 Gaming came in third at DOTA 2, SEA Games 30

With these achievements, it is clear that Vietnam eSports has received a lot of sympathetic views with a sport industry that is too new and prejudiced. Hopefully when entering a new decade, eSports in Vietnam will make positive changes and grow stronger in the future.

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