Looking at the screen for too long is harmful to the eyes? This is the answer for you

There are many brothers who have grown up sitting in front of the PC screen to work, play games all day, still have not been neared, some others have been near-sighted since childhood, no matter how much they keep, they still get worse. So sitting in front of the TV screen, the computer is harmful to our eyes, let’s find out through this article.

Why do people think sitting on the screen for a long time will harm the eyes?

Before jumping into explanation, you should know that most experts agree that looking at TV screens and computers does not cause any permanent eye damage. However, focusing on one spot for too long will strain the eyes and cause problems in the short term.

There are rumors about watching TV for too long, causing eye damage since the 60s of the last century, when TV and screen technology was very new, not as modern as it is now and just “boxes” of screens. CRT image is only super big. Around 1967, the famous electronics manufacturer General Electric announced that their color TVs were faulty from manufacturing and leaked X-rays to the outside. They warn that children should not sit in front of the TV screen for more than 1 hour because X-rays come out from the ventilation slots below the TV. Although General Electric recalled the product and fixed the error, this information continued to spread everywhere.

Besides, many parents still mistakenly think that their children are sitting too close to the screen, TV and then near, but in fact, the children are closed after that, so they automatically sit close to the screen. Because parents do not regularly monitor their children, when they discovered that their children were nearsighted, they were blamed for the TV, screen. In addition, children often sit in the wrong position or the sitting position is too low, causing them to raise their heads to watch, causing eye fatigue much more easily than when viewed at eye level.

Studies of myopia and monitors

First, if you do not know about myopia, here are some basic information. Our eyes can see because light passes through the cornea and lens and then converges to the retina as shown below. The curved shape of these two parts acts as a lens that helps the light to focus in the correct position, if the shape of the two parts is incorrect, the light will gather in the wrong position and make us see the image blur. .

Looking at the screen for too long is harmful to the eyes This is the answer for you | PC/Console

Back in the 1960s, there was a study of myopia in Eskimos that sparked controversy about the cause of myopia of the eye. Scientists study a group of Eskimos who had never attended school and come into contact with modern civilization until World War II broke out. In which, no one is nearsighted for those 56 years of age or older, and for those from 30 to 56 years old, 8% are nearsighted. But the descendants of these people, who have been to school, can read books and articles, the rate is 59%. So people conclude that focusing on something too close will make the eye close.

Looking at the screen for too long is harmful to the eyes This is the answer for you | PC/Console
The image of near-sighted people

More recently, Australian scientists have researched and found that children who regularly go outdoors are less likely to be neared. In it, they compared two groups of children who spent the same amount of time watching TV, reading, and playing games, but group 1 spent only 30 minutes outdoors, and the other group spent about 2 hours outdoors. As a result, the rate of myopia in the second group was less than that of group 1. The scientists concluded that the sun can stimulate eyeball development at a young age and TV viewing time does not make much difference.

The dangers of looking at the screen for too long

As I mentioned above watching TV, looking at the computer screen for too long does not cause permanent damage but fatigue. However, not only watching for a long time will strain your eyes, just reading, watching TV in the dark, or even driving, also makes your eyes tired because you have to strain your eyes to see clearly. In general, if the eye is too active, the eyes will get tired.

Some of the common symptoms of eye fatigue are:

Headache Pain, burning, or itchy eyes Blurred eyes Watering of the eyes Dry eyes Blurred vision of objects A little blurred Easy to dazzle Difficulty concentrating on looking at an object Shadow appearances of the screen even though looking away

If you get tired of your eyes, you don’t need to worry too much, just close your eyes and rest a little is natural. To prevent eye strain, you practice the habit of giving your eyes a 5-minute rest after an hour of intense concentration and remember to blink regularly to keep moisture. If the eyes are dry, add more water drops and rest.

In addition, you should keep the habits of working, studying, and reading clear and keep a suitable distance from the screen. Especially do not use the screen in a dark room because the contrast of the light emitted to the environment will make your eyes work harder.

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