Looking at Boruto and Momoshiki’s symbiotic relationship, is Naruto possessed by Ashura?

After the real Momoshiki is in the body of Boruto confirmed, it’s interesting to discuss a similar old case in Naruto. There seems to be a concept of rebirth In the Naruto world, it is similar to the case of Boruto and Momoshiki. Specifically how, find out below!

1. The rebirth of Ashura and Indra

Ashura and Indra are the two sons of Hagoromo, whose chakra and power differ. While his brother Indra was a genius from birth, inheriting the full power of Hagoromo, his younger brother Ashura was incapable of striking. However, Indra is strongly dependent on not caring for others and Ashura is weak but gains strength through solidarity with others.

Following their deaths, it is said that their chakra and soul are reborn into the bodies of their descendants, including Senju, Uzumaki and Uchiha, until generations of Naruto and Sasuke. Those considered to be “reincarnated” by Ashura and Indra have the same personality, ability, chakra and even thinking like them.

2. Is this how the Otsutsuki people perform to continue living?

Looking at Boruto and Momoshiki s symbiotic relationship is Naruto possessed by Ashura | Manga/Film

The Karma seal will appear after a person kills a member of the “divine” clan Otsutsuki. Therefore, sAfter Momoshiki was destroyed, the seal of Karma appeared in the palm of Boruto’s hand. Perhaps this is a prerequisite for him to continue living in Boruto’s body, in chakra form.

Meanwhile, Isshiki Otsutsuki also seems to transfer soul and chakra of the I gave to Jigen, the next person he wanted to move to was Kawaki to have a younger and healthier body. Recalling when Momoshiki faced death when Boruto’s giant Rasengan attacked, he left the Karma seal to Boruto. It’s like waiting to someday I can revive or live in Boruto’s body.

In theory, this is similar to the previous rebirth of Ashura and Indra. Perhaps this was a way for the Otsutsuki people to continue living, making them like parasites. This depends on how Otsutsuki’s influence on his new body.

3. Naruto and Boruto are the same in different cases

Looking at Boruto and Momoshiki s symbiotic relationship is Naruto possessed by Ashura | Manga/Film

If the theory is correct, then we are a little closer to the way the Otsutsuki people work and why they are like Gods. To clarify this, set Naruto and Boruto exist under the same conditions but under different circumstances for analysis.

In Naruto’s case, the precursor chakra (Ashura Otsutsuki) in his body was not as much as the owner of the Karma seal, so Ashura did not fully control Naruto’s body. Still in the case of sealing Karma, Otsutsuki can be said to have provided charka full, or even their soul, to the owner of the seal, so that his body may one day be completely controlled.

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