Look no further, foldable displays are the future of technology

It’s hard to find any smartphone technology that’s still attractive to users at the moment, but what is happening recently shows that there is one challenge to that fact: foldable devices. .

With products like the Galaxy Fold launched early last year, more recently, the Motorola Razr and especially the Galaxy Z Flip, while still having many obstacles, these are products that really make users feel weird. Magic is coming back to the smartphone.

That is easy to understand. Most people immediately feel the benefits that foldable technology brings to them: turning a large screen device into the palm of their hand. According to Mr. Taejoong Kim, Vice President in charge of Samsung product design team, speaking in a closed interview in San Francisco recently, that is a “need” of the user:

Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s first foldable smartphone.

Consumer demand for smartphones is becoming more and more fruitful. They want the screen to be bigger and bigger at the same time to be easier to hold. To meet those different needs, we focused on folding screen technology. ”

But is this a temporary trend or is this a new future?

In fact, the need to carry a large screen to easily read the content on it has never been outdated. Smartphones with increasingly large screens are also serving this.

And because the content on smartphone screens is getting more and more, opening a large screen device will reduce the time you spend staring at the screen – and indeed, that is increasingly more important at the moment.

Surely they are not perfect when the wrinkles are still noticeable when looking closely at the screen. But just like the shortcomings of a smartphone when it first launched, once users started using it, problems like dents on this screen quickly disappeared and became no longer important.

Look no further foldable displays are the future of technology | Mobile

Galaxy Z Flip at the launch.

Bend to change

While its flaws draw people’s attention, what it brings is far more appealing to users. The number of people interested in foldable devices and the number of people who want to own one of these devices has never ceased to amaze.

The most visible example is during the recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, where the Galaxy Z Flip was launched. The number of reporters, YouTubers and guests surrounding Z Flip display tables to try it out is greater than the number of people surrounding any newly launched flagship.

And the trend of folding screens is reaching beyond smartphones. Lenovo just introduced the ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop, a folding screen laptop expected to ship later this year. It shows that folding screen laptops are starting to take their first steps.

Is the high price a barrier?

Like any groundbreaking technology when it first launched, its price was quite high compared to the acceptable level of the majority of buyers. While the Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980, the Motorola Razr costs $ 1,500, and the Galaxy Z Flip costs $ 1,380 lower.

But most likely in the next 18 months to the next two years – this price will drop below $ 1,000 and then sales will certainly increase more strongly and become a more popular product for users.

Look no further foldable displays are the future of technology | Mobile

The folding screen has brought the opportunity to revive a name once – Motorola Razr.

But what about their durability? That’s the issue that is getting a lot of attention – especially after the terrible tortures that YouTubers have for them – but this is definitely not the way we treat our smartphones everyday.

Let us not forget, though, that in the dawn of the smartphone, they did not have any resistance to water or dirt, until the competition for market share turned these into a standard.

We are currently at the same time with foldable devices. There are still countless hardware and software elements that we can fine-tune and optimize, both in terms of quality and device experience.

But even if they are not yet fully developed, foldable technology is still attractive and beneficial to many people to the point where it is almost certain that folding screens are the technology of the future.

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