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Live the best at home with just these two trendy accessories

The days of ‘work from home’ seem to continue as the protracted epidemic is still smoldering in the community. Many people have been gradually adapting to this ‘new life’, but besides that, some people are still not used to the long period of social distancing as today.

The daily routines from working, eating, and entertaining are all encapsulated in the closed space of the house, in addition to the pressure from thinking and feeling sluggish because of the general invisible sedentary cause. have a significant impact on your health. Being aware of that, young people today are more often active in sports to improve their health during the epidemic season at home and to support more effective exercise. technology product.

Today, smart technology devices are really not lacking, but to be most suitable for the present time, it is definitely worth mentioning the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Watch 4 duo. The support of these two accessories seems to have gone. It helps a lot in the user’s life. Besides bringing fashion, the pair of headphones and smart watches from Samsung have contributed to a healthier and more ‘top’ lifestyle thanks to the advancement of accompanying technology.

Today’s traditional wired headphones are gradually being replaced by wireless headphones because of its smart technology. Typically, Galaxy Buds 2, users can install the Galaxy Wear application to directly adjust its parameters and features. Besides, Buds 2 can also be easily connected through Samsung ecosystem products and controls on Buds 2 are seamlessly switched between smartphone and Galaxy Watch 4.

Live the best at home with just these two trendy accessories | Number toys

Another special feature on the Galaxy Buds 2 that attracts users is its noise resistance up to 98%. Equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, Buds2 brings a lot of benefits to users, most notably the protection of hearing by reducing noise from the outside environment so that users can easily focus more on work as well as pay more attention to exercise and sports sessions. Not only for listening to music or entertainment, Galaxy Buds 2 is also an assistant with artificial intelligence that effectively supports busy people at work.

Not less than Buds 2, Galaxy Watch 4 is also a trendy but also very beneficial accessory that users will definitely have to have. In a time of epidemic like the present, Watch 4 will act as a health care coach, warning to help prevent diseases for the owner.

Live the best at home with just these two trendy accessories | Number toys

Live the best at home with just these two trendy accessories | Number toys

Galaxy Watch 4 with the ability to measure blood oxygen (SPO2) through sleep graph helps users to ensure their health to the maximum.

For days when you have to work from home, sitting for longer than moving inadvertently affects the spine negatively as well as accumulates excess fat leading to many diseases later on. To solve that situation, Galaxy Watch 4 possesses the same technology as professional equipment at the gym when it integrates a BIA (Bioactive) sensor that analyzes bioelectrical impedance, allowing measurement of muscle mass, the amount of fat and water in the body instead of measuring the usual number of steps, so that the user can re-adjust the diet, exercise as well as allocate a reasonable rest time.

Unlike other smart watches, Galaxy Watch 4 can connect to a TV to visually display stats as well as exercise postures on the big screen, thereby helping users practice easily. than.

With the smart and useful technologies of the close friends Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 have contributed to improving the quality of life of the owner. Especially in these times, exercising to prevent disease is always the top priority, with the support of Watch 4 and Buds 2, it will help you have more positive energy to practice. .

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