Little-known story about the epic movie scene is done for free of money by Chau Tinh Tri

The work was first released in 2001. After its release, the film became the most popular work in Hong Kong cinema history with a turnover of up to 42 million USD (this record was only broken by the ministry itself. Chow Chow’s next movie is The Ultimate Kungfu) simultaneously won Hong Kong Film Awards 21st time for Best film, Best director… this is considered one of the best works of Hong Kong comedy king Chau Tinh Tri, bringing his name to a new level to become the box office king of Hong Kong (China). This film was also played on the stadium screens at the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008.

The Shaolin team was shown during the half-time break at the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008.

However know that the time of shooting starts Shaolin Football Team, Chau Tinh Tri has difficulty in capital rotation due to the discordant relationship between him and investors. Struggling for a while, the male director persuaded the owner of Universe Entertainment and Culture Company – Lam Tieu Minh to pour capital to be able to continue filming.

Due to the tight financial situation, Chau Tinh Tri has to “tighten the belt”. According to Toutiao, the most spectacular scene of the film is the scene of Shaolin football team having to compete in a stadium with 40,000 spectators.

At that time, the crew chose a stadium in Zhuhai City, Guangdong to be the recording location. However, if you invite 40,000 public actors to act, with a tight budget in your hand, Shaolin football team would definitely go bankrupt, so the staff members offered to use spectator manipulation. However, Chau Tinh Tri refused to be true.

After that, Chau Tinh Tri came up with the idea of ​​allowing the public to watch the film crew and take pictures with him. As expected, the audience dragged each other to the stadium, an empty seat was no longer available to watch the crew. Shaolin football team filming for a month. In the end, the footage is judged to be difficult to complete quickly, without spending a penny but still highly effective.

Little known story about the epic movie scene is done for free of money by Chau Tinh Tri | Manga/Film

The epic scene is made for nothing thanks to the idea of ​​Chau Tinh Tri.

After the scene ended, Chau Tinh Tri has kept his promise to take pictures with all audiences. But due to the overwhelming number, the actor took up to two days to respond to the fans’ hearts.

Movie Shaolin Football Team is more entertaining than learning about football skills, but besides the cheesy details of Chau Tinh Tri, in this movie Tinh Gia also uses many unique tricks.

The content of the film is about a master of Shaolin, named Tinh (Chau Tinh Tri) – five brothers in the group of masters of Shaolin with forte is the kick of the Rotten Diamond Power. He lost all of his brothers and sisters and lived by collecting cicadas, but always hoped to develop the movement of learning Shaolin. Incidentally, the character played by Chau Tinh Tri met Minh Phong (Ngo Manh Dat) – an assistant guy. Minh Phong realized that Tinh’s melancholy kick could be brought into football. The two of them combined to create a duo that mastered Shaolin soccer techniques and martial arts.

Minh Phong used to be a famous football player with golden feet. At the peak of his form, Minh Phong took his place with his teammates, tying his shoelaces with other people’s heads as a springboard. But the betting scandal makes this character paralyzed and disabled in his right leg.

Little known story about the epic movie scene is done for free of money by Chau Tinh Tri | Manga/Film

Minh Phong (Ngo Manh Dat) realizes the power of Tinh (Chau Tinh Tri).

In order to develop Shaolin martial arts, Tinh decided to take Minh Phong as a coach and invited five of his brothers again, that is the great master brother who knows Tiet Lam, the second brother who has the ultimate technique of Whirlwind, The three brothers with great skill set up … to form the Shaolin team to compete for the championship of the Hong Kong football tournament, the tournament that the Devil’s Mighty team has won for years in a row.

However, the day they meet again, they are all sandbenders, like a pile of dry wood. All it takes is a bar of fire that will burn. This bar of fire is football. Flame is also the main image in the movie, fire from the eyes of the players, fire covering the ball rolling on the field to fire burning the goal.

After collecting the players’ team, the Shaolin team went to the soccer field with martial spirit. The players come into the field with great will and unique skills. The ball phases on the film are very “virtual” when a person can shoot the ball past 10 of the opponent’s players, sweeping the ball, bringing the whirlwind all over the field. The amateurs’ team made a difference at a tournament.

Little known story about the epic movie scene is done for free of money by Chau Tinh Tri | Manga/Film

The beauty of the Shaolin Football Team is also a lesson about the relentless effort, turning the small characters into giants on the football field.

To go to the final, the Shaolin team had to overcome many strong opponents such as the team of the Ngoc pair with the excellent coordination ability. In the final match, the Devil’s Mighty team played badly when they let all the players use doping to increase their energy, causing the brothers of Shaolin team to be injured and difficult to continue playing. At this time, Tinh had to rely on A Mai, the girl selling the dumplings to admire him in the field as a goalkeeper. With Tai chi technique, A Mai successfully blocked the opponent’s shot and passed the ball to Tinh to score the decisive goal to help the Shaolin team win.

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