Listening to the good ninja explaining the authenticity of Naruto: The seal technique, the running style in the movie is cool, but is it really effective in real life?

Naruto One of Japan’s oldest and most popular manga series, revolves around the ninja of the same name with a burning dream: to become a great Hokage – the head of his village.

Since its first publication on August 18, 1997, Naruto has quickly gained a great reputation both at home and abroad thanks to its fascinating, thrilling but no less humorous plot. The follow-up products such as the manga, anime, action figures, costumes … also came out, bringing Naruto closer to global fans and pushing this franchise to the peak of fame.

Naruto is considered one of the most successful manga series in Japanese history.

For foreign audiences, one of Naruto’s most attractive features is the ninja image – a typical and also very mysterious cultural symbol of Japan. However, compared to the real life, are the ninja characters in Naruto too different or not? Do techniques like hand seals, summoning summoned beasts, or the gait of holding hands behind (Naruto’s Run) really exist in this world?

Recently, the YouTube channel 2.13 million registered Asian Boss conducted an interview with one of the last ninja in Japan, Mr. Kawakami Jinichi on this issue. As a person who has practiced ninjutsu for many years, but has not seen any Naruto episode, Kawakami’s share will help us somewhat understand the authenticity of this franchise in depicting the ninja image in real life. real.

One of the last ninjas in Japan to explain Naruto’s authenticity, focusing on the technique of hand seals, throwing darts and the ninja’s running style.

If you are engrossed in Tet holidays and have not had time to watch them all, here are some highlights in the video above.

Technique of hand seal: In Naruto, hand seal is an extremely important operation to perform various techniques to attack enemies (as in the video, Sasuke used Fire Release technique, for example). But for real-life ninjas, Mr. Kawakami said this action is just a prayer, asking god to bless. Because ninjas often had to operate on enemy territory, perform deadly missions, praying (by binding their hands) became part of their habit.

And of course, ninjas cannot really fire flames like Sasuke or chidori lightning like Kakashi. They will use other specialized tools to ignite when needed, but do not dream about using chakra to create attacks like in the comics.

Listening to the good ninja explaining the authenticity of Naruto The seal technique the running style in the movie is cool but is it really effective in real life | Manga/Film

Hand seals in Naruto are used to perform moves, but real-life ninjas only use it to pray before doing missions.

About shuriken throwing techniques / knife kunai: Shuriken is a typical weapon of ninja, and of course a famous series like Naruto could not help but exploit this detail. However, Mr. Kawakami thinks the way the characters in the film are holding the darts is a bit ridiculous, wrong with basic techniques. Besides, real ninja will not fly, just throw darts like in the movie where, because it caused too much attention.

In addition, ninjas don’t use kunai knives to throw at enemies. The main use of this knife is to dig holes, or stab into walls / trunk to create stairs for ninja when they want to climb up.

One of the most interesting techniques of using kunai knives in Naruto is combined with explosive to increase the highest damage. In real life, ninja can use this method by applying gunpowder to the body of a knife or dart. Unfortunately, Mr. Kawakami did not perform that technique in the video above, probably for the safety of the crew.

Listening to the good ninja explaining the authenticity of Naruto The seal technique the running style in the movie is cool but is it really effective in real life | Manga/Film

Shuriken and dao kunai are two familiar weapons of ninja, however their usage is a little different from Naruto.

About Naruto’s running technique (Naruto’s run): This is one of the most unique features that the Naruto franchise owns, even creating many unfinished trends in the world (like running Naruto in style) Area 51 for example). And surprisingly, Mr. Kawakami confirmed: Real-life Ninja does have such a run but is simpler and tidy, and in the film is a bit exaggerated.

He said the key to this technique was to focus the body forward and dash away quickly, limiting his hands, shaking his body to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Naruto’s running style helps the ninja maintain his stamina efficiently and can travel long distances without slowing down frequently.

Listening to the good ninja explaining the authenticity of Naruto The seal technique the running style in the movie is cool but is it really effective in real life | Manga/Film

Real-life ninja confirms: Naruto’s run is real, just being a movie is a bit exaggerated.

In short, one of the last Japanese ninjas is very impressed with Naruto, and thinks that this series / anime has brought the image of the ninja relatively real, though a bit exaggerated. However, he emphasized that ninjas need to minimize unnecessary combat, acting in stealth. Naruto, on the other hand, focused on exploiting the monumental, open-ended combat aspect of reality. This is completely understandable, all for entertainment purposes only.

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