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List of the most ‘weak’ in the legendary Pokemon Association (Part 1)

1. Phione

Phione is one of the weakest legendary Pokemon for many reasons, even some people can’t believe it is a legendary Pokemon.

Phione is located at 489 in Pokedex, is in the 4th generation. It has a rather strange feature that is unable to give birth, but can be created when the player combines a Manaphy with Ditto. In addition, Phione does not evolve or transform into another Pokemon, but it is obviously very similar to Manaphy. However, in terms of strength, it is clear that Phione is very bad compared to the Legendary squad. It only has a total index of 480, much lower than the other legendary Pokemon.

2. Regigigas

List of the most weak in the legendary Pokemon Association Part 1 | Khám phá

Regigigas is a legendary Pokemon that is quite special in the 4th generation. Right from the appearance, it makes players think of the legendary Titan Titan trio of Regice, Registeel and Regirock. Its design and appearance with 6 stones on its body also confirms this.

However, when it comes to power, Regigigas falls into the very bad category. Its total stats are 670, but is vulnerable to damage by 16 of the 18 different Pokemon systems. Additionally, the Slow Start hidden skill makes it start the game very slowly, both the speed and attack power are halved, even if you switch it out and replace it with another Pokemon, it is not Can “cheat” this.

3. Cosmog

List of the most weak in the legendary Pokemon Association Part 1 | Khám phá

Cosmog is a 7th-generation Pokemon and a Psychic-type. However, it is not as strong as its Psychic brothers, but Cosmog is also very vulnerable to bullying.

Among the legendary Pokemon, it is among the weakest in terms of stats. It didn’t take until level 43 to evolve into Cosmoem and at level 53, it could be transferred to Lunala and Solgaleo. Obviously to nurture this cosmic cloud, you will have to spend a lot of effort to make things.

4. Virizion

List of the most weak in the legendary Pokemon Association Part 1 | Khám phá

Vizirion is the legendary 5th generation Pokemon besides other Pokemon like Cobalion, Terrakion and Keldeo. However, not as strong as their friends, Virizion belongs to the category that is both weak and difficult to use.

Its total stats are 580, lower than that of legendary Pokemon. At the same time with the Grass / Fighting system, it is very easy to take a hit when faced with attacks from the already popular Flying system. If the attacks Flying x4 times on Virizion, the attacks of Poison, Fire, Psychic and Ice will at least x2 damage to this deer, and the worst thing is that it is not immune to any system. .

5. Zygarrde

List of the most weak in the legendary Pokemon Association Part 1 | Khám phá

Zygarde is the 718th Pokemon that appears in both the 6th and 7th generations of Pokemon. From the looks of it, it was clearly something no one wanted, because one would feel that it was more hegemony than Rayquaza. However, life is not a dream for Pokemon like coming from this other world.

Zygarde has 3 different shapes: 10%, 50% and complete. It is rare for Zygarde to use weaker forms, such as the 10% form, since it only has a total index of 486. If a complete shape is found, Zygarde will have a total of 708 stat points along with the amount The impressive blood is 216. However, the problem is that it is very weak when it comes to fighting other popular Pokemon with Ice, Dragon and Fire.

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