Link download free forever Torchlight II, role-playing game Diablo style extremely hot

Just like the information from before, at 22h tonight on July 16, 2020 (according to Vietnam time), Epic Games Store has given away free Torchlight II game, extremely addictive Diablo style action-role-playing game hot. So, you do not need to pay any fee but can still own this game permanently in your account.

Torchlight II Official Launch Trailer

Reportedly, Torchlight II continues the story from its predecessor, when the player enters the context of The Alchemist alienated by Ember Blight, from the Heart of Ordrak, the evil creature behind the collapse and destruction of Torchlight village in the first version. Players will journey with the new hero forces, follow in the footsteps to track down and destroy those who are using the destructive power of Ordrak.

Right from the start, as standard in the RPG series, the game allows you to choose one of the four basic classes of the game including Engineer – heavy melee fighters and the ability to create support bots. in battle. Outlander is also a long-range gunner who specializes in bow, crossbows or guns, with low-level magic ability. Berserker is a warrior with the power of beasts to support his crazy melee ability. Finally, Embermage – a true magician who puts all his power into powerful magic.

Like the Diablo Series or many other famous names before, such as Dungeon Siege, Fate or Titan Quest, the Series Torchlight brings a unique gameplay of Action RPG series, which culminated in Torchlight II. There, the game throws you into a battlefield with colorful monsters, all shapes with different powers, where you will chop, slash, smash, bang, shoot, launch, do everything with a flock of monsters around around them so they shatter, and explode like a balloon of blood on the screen.

All skill trees of 4 Classes, combined with 4 main indicators, besides having 5 points each Skill extension will have a new effect extension, Torchlight II will give players countless ways to develop different characters , which always asks gamers a lot of questions, is that to build a super long-range Outlander with the dizzying firing rate of a pair of pistols? A Class with the ability to spread, while still summoning long term under his command to fight? Or is it a combination of both? In the game will always appear very, many such questions make us think, all thanks to the talent of the Runic Games team.

Link download free forever Torchlight II role playing game Diablo style extremely hot | PC/Console

The item system of Torchlight II also brings a huge collection for any player who wants to venture into the dangerous world in the game, but the customization in this system will make you always be surprised by everything. dropped from corpses, or chests, chests on the side of the road. Sometimes you will see a pistol that will never look at you, but sometimes it is a two-handed sword with a high damage index, and long extra lines that make gamers regret. bewildered because there are not enough levels.

These items vary in colors, from boring pure white, to unexpectedly attractive purple, in which gamers can also make furniture when inlaid with jewels with diverse characteristics. vary on armor, shields, weapons, or accessories. They are so much in style, type, color that they are more certain than a gamer we forget to notice a hat, sword, or a high index shield, while they are still in front of us. We’re in the inventory.

Link download free forever Torchlight II role playing game Diablo style extremely hot | PC/Console

Torchlight II, like its predecessor, possesses a graphical face that is not too special, while still using an animation style that does not focus on advanced effects. But not so that the game does not bring changes. These improvements are also quite noticeable, as the effects are now beautiful and powerful, supported by a somewhat more violent scene before the battle, partly to help gamers feel the impact. of battle.

The environment of Torchlight II has also been expanded with a completely changed structure compared to its predecessor. In Torchlight is a dungeon system that only goes up and down, while this version opens up a lot of different connected lands, completely eliminating the element of overlap. Moreover, each region, dungeon in the game will have a separating gate, where announcing the level that players need to step in. This is very useful, when in the same type of game, gamers always wonder if their character is strong enough to continue the journey to a new land, making plowing in old places quite lost. time and tired.

Link download free forever Torchlight II role playing game Diablo style extremely hot | PC/Console

Supported by a liberal and powerful gameplay, with a fairly stylish graphics, the sound in the game emerges as a drug to help bring gamers to the maximum experience. These include drums during battles with the Boss, or mysterious music while traveling in the dark dungeon, all under the hands of Matt Uelmen – the author of the music throughout the Diablo Series.

At the present time, you can download and play the game Torchlight II 100% free.

Link to download the game.

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