Lillia promises to be a hot pick on the Pro Arena: Is the statement ‘fair to old champions’ just a joke?

Royal Never Give Up was suddenly defeated by Bilibili Gaming in the LPL Summer Group stage Summer 2020, and one of the highlights of this match was the new champion. Lillia Get the first victory on the professional arena.

RNG vs BLG Highlights Game 1 LPL Summer Season 2020 W10D4 Royal Never Give Up vs Bilibili Gaming by

BLG Jungler – Meteor, even won the MVP in the first game with Lillia Jungle. It is worth mentioning that before, Lillia has been picked 3 times, but has not won any victories.

The question is why a champion has a solo queue win rate of just 41%, and pro-arena debut history is just as bad with 3 losses, but the LPL Junglers still “mortar” choose this girl?

The answer lies in Meteor’s own performance. Faced with an RNG roster that possesses a strong resilience lineup and good ability to initiate teamfights, Lillia seems to be a very effective choice to counter this game. She was picked in the 3rd pick, after RNG locked in Ashe and Jarvan IV, meaning their attacking toy was too clear, and BLG did not hesitate to choose Lillia even if the champion’s winning history. This is just a plump zero.

In general, choosing Lillia Jungler made BLG have a pretty “breathless” early game, but they also seem to have anticipated this, when 2 previous picks, Caitlyn – A capable ADC Independent turrets, and Bard – Support for roam gank and map control are 2 selected cards.

BLG’s wing-cover movement and small skirmish helped Lillia not lose too much in the early stages, and when it was full of two items, the enchantment of God of Hope and the Mask of Threats Liandry, the This champion becomes a nightmare for RNG when pushing their Nautilus, Ornn or Jarvan IV into a completely passive position. Just an E + R combo, even Lillia’s E alone makes the opponent’s attack speed completely dislocated.

Her health% damage puts RNG’s stacks up as well as being killed at the end of the game, while the bonus movement speed makes the opponent completely powerless to arrest her. As a result, BLG had a spectacular comeback in game 1 to take the lead.

Lillia promises to be a hot pick on the Pro Arena Is the statement fair to old champions just a joke | Esports

Obviously, despite being unpopular, Lillia has revealed her potential to become a hot pick in the LPL arena – the most attractive tournament in the world right now, and ironically, this is a slap in the face. Riot – The NSX game has stated that it will not allow new generals capable of raging too soon on the Arena of Justice.

Even though Lillia was sacrificed for her survival at the beginning of the game, making this giraffe one of the weakest melee generals on earth, the advantage of Lillia’s skill set action still Be discovered and exploited with ease by top superstars. Lillia may be very bad in solo queue, but in the professional arena, this champion opens up a new direction for super late control, and also promotes late-game anti-tank capabilities. .

As for the next name coming soon after Lillia – Yone, things will probably play out in a similar way. Either way, Yone is showing himself to be a pretty comprehensive choice: the ability to trigger, shock damage, and play more capable of mutating.

Lillia promises to be a hot pick on the Pro Arena Is the statement fair to old champions just a joke | Esports

Perhaps Riot Games will have to invest more in balancing and designing their champions, if they want to fulfill the promise of balancing the power balance between old generals and new names.

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