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Lien Quan Mobile: Revealed the death table of APL, gathering 3 ‘seed 1’ as the championship candidate

APL 2020 online international tournament will officially start from June 19 to July 26 with the participation of the strongest teams in 4 regions. Arena of valor Large: AOG, RPL, GCS and ASL. As soon as the Showmatch series ended, the organizers drew a lot to divide the board. The lottery results surprised the audience but also somewhat satisfied. Team Flash made it to the Death table, but their level was too high nonetheless so Vietnamese viewers could be assured. SGP and ProjectH (old IGP) are in the same group and are competing with teams that have the ability to “fit” with them.

4 teams of AOG must make efforts to assert the No. 1 position of the AoV Vietnam community.

Team Flash shares the same table with the two champions Taiwan and Thailand, namely ONE Team and Buriram United Esports. It can be said that these are the two teams that are expected to make Team Flash difficult in this APL 2020. The opportunity for Group B to have the presence of the three No. 1 seeds mentioned above with mutations is not much. FAPtv is the remaining VN representative in this group B will have to really try to get tickets to go on.

Lien Quan Mobile Revealed the death table of APL gathering 3 seed 1 as the championship candidate | Mobile & Social

Team Flash is in the same group as the two champions Taiwan and Thailand.

Looking to Group A, SGP and ProjectH will face a few capable opponents that are considered suitable for them. The opportunity for both Vietnamese representatives to go forward is also within reach if they play at their best.

With the gathering of the top teams of the world’s most powerful Coalition regions, APL 2020 will be a tournament worth watching. The competition with the online format is also helping the teams will not be under pressure from the stage, so the audience should know that there will be a new force to win the throne in front of Team Flash. At APL 2020, 4 Vietnamese teams must practice and compete with great determination to fight to affirm the No. 1 position of the AoV Vietnam community.

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