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Lien Quan Mobile released a ‘super angular’ map, but the unique feature that came with was curious

Arena of valor The trial number 1.36 continues to see a series of new optimizations, contributing to the community’s gaming experience, from optimizing the bonus features, improving the interface and the process of ban / pick, adding settings to prevent self-surrender, adding fixed “eye-plug” mechanism, champion balance, optimal display of moving objects and targets, … and can’t help but prompt a new Duel map

With Duel Duel, this is a mode that will allow 2 teams to face off. Each side consists of 5 people and especially members of the same team will use the same general to fight with the other team. When the number of sessions to choose a player’s hero is equal, the system will randomly select a champion for the team to use. The pace of the game is pushed up extremely high because the continuous growth of the lane and the champion is something that everyone feels. However, the transformation that Timi has for Duel Duel focuses more on the aspect of the image. Accordingly, 5v5 communication maps but full of “thorny” style were put to the test.

Lien Quan Mobile released a super angular map but the unique feature that came with was curious | Mobile & Social

Many players when seeing the new colorful map will relate to Epic’s Battle Royale game date Fortnite. Community can also relate to Pokemon Unite, Timi’s new MOBA game project, but owns a map with a colorful, simple design aimed at young users.

But the factor that attracts a lot of discussion from the community is the completely new support mechanism (feature) that appears on this map.

Lien Quan Mobile released a super angular map but the unique feature that came with was curious | Mobile & Social

A new function called “illusory image” will appear with this “anime” map:

Specifically, when activated, the champion gains 30% movement speed, Wall Piercing and 1 of 3 special effects

Blue: Basic attack or ability 3 will refresh the ability

Gold: Free of crowd control and gain attack speed

Black: Creates a black hole that causes the hit target to be locked for a while. The effect lasts for 5 seconds.

Activating the special effect will end early and cooldown sooner. When a champion moves into brush or terrain, he gains 80% movement speed. This mechanism will bring great benefits to champions with weak control ability will soon catch up with the pace of the game, contributing more to important combat situations. Or the beneficiaries will also be the gunners who need speed in the early game to optimize the amount of farm money.

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