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Lien Quan Mobile: Garena TW declared tough with fraud, ready to “ban” the device IP

In the early years of release, the issue of hacking was completely absent Arena of valor – The “national” game in Vietnam. But it is coincidental that as closer to 2020, the problem of fraud is even more rampant, causing many conspiracy theories to be made by gamers.

Garena recognizes the problem and they are also very aggressive in handling unhealthy behaviors. The idea that the publisher has completely solved this problem after locking thousands of nicks has been violated, but nowadays, the “evil” still explodes when the number of poorly aware gamers is too great.

A few days ago, Garena announced “achievements” that locked more than 42,000 fraudulent accounts from February 3 to February 13. In particular, nearly all of these fraudulent accounts are hacked maps. The time that Garena VN assigns courses will last for 1 year.

If the nick is locked for recidivism, the penalty will be stronger than a permanent lock. At the same time, the NPH Arena of valor in Thailand and Taiwan also showed their determination in the pursuit of “hacking, cheat”. In particular, the proposal to lock the nick based on the player’s IP has been listened to by NPH.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena TW declared tough with fraud ready to ban the device IP | Mobile & Social

Garena Taiwan declares how to deal with infringing accs.

In his February 21 post, Taiwan Garena stated firmly:

“For players who intentionally use invalid programs to create inequality, the Arena of Valor executive team reiterates that these people will be banned permanently. The offender will be terminated.” For those who use and distribute the Plugin causing serious consequences, they will be locked out of account and equipment to violate with the corresponding IP address. pay attention to their behavior and contribute to maintaining a fair environment when playing. The executive team has worked, cracked and prevented the breach. “

Lien Quan Mobile Garena TW declared tough with fraud ready to ban the device IP | Mobile & Social

Many Masters and Challenges have an absolute win rate that makes gamers question.

According to some internal sharing, the tactics to help with cooldown, search the position of the enemy (hack map), increase the level of arbitrary for the general, … apply to Rank and duels are often exploited from the Technical flaw in Fighting mode.

This creates too much injustice. The way in which the hacks are distributed is also very alarming when in some places it is allowed to download and use FREE. A gamer Arena of valor If you can check the map and know the position of the enemy hero, you can almost win 90%.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena TW declared tough with fraud ready to ban the device IP | Mobile & Social

Garena has shown her effort in repelling “evil”.

In addition to the offending nick nick, Garena issued a notice that it will not unlock the account Arena of valor in case of lending to other players.

As long as they detect users using illegal tools or software to interfere with the game, Garena will permanently lock that account regardless of whether you lend it to others or not. Gamers or accustomed to lending acc should pay attention to avoid unnecessary damage.

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