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Lien Quan Mobile: Garena offers a new Giftcode, requiring gamers to ‘have it done to eat’ S-class skin

In order to create a new “view” record that NPH Arena of valor VN has rewarded a chest of optional permanent skin (grade A) and a giftcode series to give gamers the motivation to follow the Final. Arena of valor nation. If the optional skin chest rewards are distributed through the form of Gathering pieces (including 8 pieces, the last “drops” on 24/5), the giftcode code will provide quite a lot of useful items.

It is expected that Garena will bring up to 10 Giftcode to the whole server Arena of valor VN. In particular, 6 Giftcode will be broadcast on the Livestream Finals of 5G 5G Mobile Phones Spring 2020 taking place at 14:00 on May 24 and 4 Special Giftcode will be received when completing 4 special tasks including: Sharing event page, Follow TikTok Cao Thu Lien Quan’s channel, Like Fanpage Cao Thu Lien Quan and Share Livestream Finals on 24/05.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena offers a new Giftcode requiring gamers to have it done to eat S class skin | Mobile & Social

10 Giftcode send to the viewer the prize corresponding to 10 ingame rewards.

The list of rewards that 10 giftcode codes bring include: Pearl Piece, A Roll Paper, Treasure Spinning Ticket, Win MVP Card, Nakroth Evolution Stone, S Scroll Paper, Lost MVP Card, Rename Card, Guardian Star and Card skin – 199QH. In addition, Garena also rewarded 1 special prize is the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be for the audience to enter 10 fastest Giftcode, 100 consolation prizes are 100 Combo of Zephys Lava costumes and mobile phone jacket limited for 100 audiences to enter the next 10 fast Giftcode .

Things would not be worth adding if Garena set new rules are: 6 Giftcode broadcast on Livestream Viettel 2020 Mobile phone Spring 2020 will not limit the entry but limit the time to enter within 5 minutes after being broadcast.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena offers a new Giftcode requiring gamers to have it done to eat S class skin | Mobile & Social

Gamers can “get FREE” 1 S-class optional skin with 199 QH discount card.

Therefore, if a player does not watch the tournament live, the chance of missing a few Giftcode is very high. Among the 10 prizes, the most remarkable ingame gift for the person completing the Giftcode code 10 is the 199 QH discount card.

With this card, gamers can buy an optional skin or buy premium skin at a cheap price. Currently, there are quite a number of S-rank skin effects effects that cost at or below 199 QH. If gamers are hard at watching the tournament, the chance of winning Valhein Duke, Lauriel the Fire Phoenix or Fennik feast on confectionery. But as mentioned, the opportunity to get the S-class FREE skin above is not easy if you neglect to forget to enter the code.

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