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Lien Quan Mobile: Gamers spending millions on Tel’Annas Guardian will have to know this information

Skin of Arena of valor the hierarchy is very clear from the ordinary to the A, S, SS and SSS levels (alternating with those are finite A and S dishes). Of course, the more advanced the skin, the more it possesses unique animations, animations or effects and even exclusive new features. Pinnacle system in the skin of Arena of valor is the Vigil. At the moment, this skin universe has only Violet and upcoming Tel’Annas. But what keeps the community talking incessantly when assessing the quality of these 2 Guardian skins is that these “privileges” are unique.

Tel’Annas Venus also possesses a full range of skill effects, recall, and stunning sounds.

Specifically, the Guardian Violet can customize the cylinder while Tel’Annas the Guardian can customize the formation of … soldiers. The transformation of this image is a unique benefit that Timi only “equips” for Guardian items, even the other SSS skins of the “pet” champions can not have this chance. Of course, gamer Arena of valor will not be able to give up a certain amount of Quan Huy to own the 2nd SSS skin of Tel’Annas. Instead, the money the player spends will depend on their luck.

Community Arena of valor will be able to participate in an Event to accumulate new Badges (temporarily called Black Cat), in which the Badge will be a condition for gamers to change the Guardian Skin of Tel’Annas.

Lien Quan Mobile Gamers spending millions on Tel Annas Guardian will have to know this information | Mobile & Social

Gamers must pay attention: Black Miao 5 has a very small drop rate when it is only 1.7%.

An interesting thing about Tel’Annas’s upcoming SSS skin commercial is that Garena has announced the Black Cat Badge drop rate (players must collect 5 Badges to permanently change their skins). Specifically, the Badge drop rate will gradually decrease. The first Black Miao will have a very high drop rate, so a free-to-play gamer is winning (54%). But from the second Black Miao, the drop rate has dropped to 46%. With the Fifth Black Cat, the odds will drop as small as only 1.7%. With 1 FREE spin every day, gamers probably only hunt 2-3 badges.

Lien Quan Mobile Gamers spending millions on Tel Annas Guardian will have to know this information | Mobile & Social

The event of commercialization of Tel’Annas is similar to the Violet Guardian.

Anyway, gamers who want to “down the money” for the Guardian God Tel’Annas also need to pay close attention to the rate of dropping the Black Cat Badge for reasonable costs.

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