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Lien Quan Mobile: The rank reward was ‘pale’, Garena gave away more expired items

After months of competition, the 12th Rank season of Arena of valor The season 13 has officially opened since January 21 and the time of version 1.33 was successfully updated. Earlier, some inside information leaked about Arena of valor will “improve” Rank reward rewards. Accordingly, the rewards that the community criticizes as “lepers” such as a few dozen Ruby, dozens of A-level drawing paper, MVP cards of all kinds .. will be replaced by quite familiar things, that is: extremely many Ruby. The reason to say is “extremely much” because Ruby is rewarded at each milestone Gold, Platinum and more also reached the number of thousands.

However, when version 1.33 was officially launched on January 21, dreamers of Rank rewards that helped them gain 50 – 100 Fortune points in the Treasure circle were disappointed. The rewards corresponding to each Rank milestone have not changed too much. The small amount of Ruby is only enough for them to buy 1-2 Treasure tickets, MVP cards with a limited number are set at some milestones, … In short, the Rank rewards are not attractive, left. Contrary to the actual needs of the majority of gamers.

Not only that, recent gamers also heavily criticized the pile of bonuses. Because they are inherently “light” but there are a few items … can not be used.

Lien Quan Mobile The rank reward was pale Garena gave away more expired items | Mobile & Social

At the Platinum Rank 5 reward, the gift of a Guardian Card has the effect of retaining 1 Star when losing without using it. The reason is because it can only be used in … Rank 12 season, while the game has updated and opened the Rank 13 season since January 21.

Lien Quan Mobile The rank reward was pale Garena gave away more expired items | Mobile & Social

Guardian Cards cannot be used.

Arena of valor is a great game but it needs a lot of worklisten to constructive community input. Before that, many people had speculated based on rumors that the game would reward a lot of Ruby for reaching the rank of champion. Specifically: Rank Rank Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond – Crystal – High Player will receive the corresponding Ruby bonus of 300 – 500 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500 – 3000. Some people believe that Rewards will be given as soon as the player meets the (Rank) condition, but there are also people who guess the gift will be given at the end of the season.

However, based on the current practical rewards, gamers will be even more disappointed.

Lien Quan Mobile The rank reward was pale Garena gave away more expired items | Mobile & Social

Also need to add, players mode Endless Firepower is always “thirsty” Ruby. Conditions for gamers to be selected other generals pay that fee to spend .. Ruby. The more players select a champion, the more Ruby will require (10, 20, 30, 50, …) so they will have to consider it. It can be said that Endless Fire Power is like a worm that gnawed at Ruby.

Therefore, if the Rank gift offers thousands of Ruby rewards then it is also reasonable to encourage gamers to participate in the endless Firepower experience regularly. Garena should probably accept such comments so that the game will improve.

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