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Lien Quan Mobile: Garena gave away a chest server containing 19 random skins, including S-rank items from January 23

Chinese New Year is a holiday season lasting about two weeks. In these New Year days, families gather together, enjoy cozy meals, visit relatives and relatives, give each other good wishes for the new year. For gamers Arena of valor, especially for those who have to celebrate New Year away from home, NPH Garena also designed quite a lot of Events for them to operate during the holidays. The number of gifts that gamers receive is extremely attractive, ranging from generals, skins, spin tickets, champion pieces / skins, Quan Huy or even high-value in-kind gifts.

S-grade skin is given FREE from January 23 (Artwork).

As of January 25, the Lunar New Year of the Lunar New Year contest plans to give FREE items a new general that is officially deployed in 3 days (from January 25 to January 27, 2020). Gamers who just need to log in to the game will receive a free new permanently Keera general. It is calculated that NPH has “offered” 4/5 generals Arena of valor nearest. Not only that, the series of skins that are dropped as “random” from the Chest skin will make the game more heartwarming. The way to own a chest is also quite simple.

Players proceed to complete the mission to earn points. They then, at their discretion, use the points to redeem the number of gift openings. Gifts at each opening will be different:

First time: 1000 pieces of pearl

2nd: Paper drawing talisman S x1

3rd: Treasure ticket x1

4th: 1,000 pieces of pearl

5th time: 01 chest with random costume.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena gave away a chest server containing 19 random skins including S rank items from January 23 | Mobile & Social

Random outfit chest.

The list of costumes included in the chest includes 19 random drops: Enzo Nobility, Yena Pierced Silver, Capheny Maid, Ignis Fire Magician, Astrid White Sword Lady, Ryoma Bounty Hunter, Superman Lord Justice, Wonder Woman World War, Max Little Knight, Liliana Ho Noble africa, Lu Bo Nam King, Ilumia Miss Hong, Yorn SWAT Special, Miss Boat Sculpture, Natalya Delicate Wink, Nakroth Hellfire Warrior, Arum Maiden, Kahlii Kim Master and Amily Spider Man red.

Lien Quan Mobile Garena gave away a chest server containing 19 random skins including S rank items from January 23 | Mobile & Social

Lu Bu Nam Vuong, Arum Linh dancer, Superman Lord Justice, … are all quality items.

Note: Costumes opened from Chests are costumes that don’t yet exist.

Many of the skins in the list above are useful items because the number of champions with skins donated spread across multiple groups. Most of these skins have been awarded in the paid Mission Book, and some have even been considered as “National Costumes”. Therefore, for gamers playing FREE, the above 19 random skins are extremely attractive with very prominent default transformation effects.

Gifts in kind are worth tens of millions of dong, everyone likes it, but the most practical is probably ingame gifts and millions of Lien Quan Mobile gamers just expect it. So in addition to General Keera, which was given from the 1st of the Lunar New Year, S-rank Skin randomly dropped from December 29 is also a dish not to be missed. The time for a FREE event in the chest is from January 23 – January 31, 2020, which is from December 29.

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