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Lenovo launched a small projector, with USB-C port to project images from smartphones, priced at 10 million

Today, Lenovo has launched a new model of mobile projector in China, called the Air5. The product is extremely compact size, can project images in Full HD resolution and maximum brightness of 2600 lumens, is sold for 2999 yuan (about 10 million).

Lenovo Air5 has a length and width of 13.6mm, in fact smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, this projector weighs just 688 grams, so you can easily carry it with you and keep it in your bag, even when traveling, working or playing.

The projector has an outer shell made from aluminum alloy. In addition to the buttons on the camera body, users can also control the Air5 remotely via the included remote. On the other hand, this remote also supports voice search with built-in virtual assistant.

Lenovo launched a small projector with USB C port to project images from smartphones priced at 10 million | Digital toys
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Lenovo Air5 is equipped with a 4-channel LED lighting system and a maximum output of 1080p. In particular, the machine also has a USB Type-C port, so you can fully use it to project images from a smartphone, computer or any other device. It even supports wireless slideshows via Android phones and iPhones.

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