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Lenovo launched a built-in laptop … headphone tray

Lenovo recently launched a new version of the ThinkBook 15. In addition to the configuration upgrades with the latest 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake chip, the ThinkBook 15 gen 2 also incorporates a relatively “weird” feature. : headphone tray.

Specifically, on the right edge of the ThinkBook 15 gen 2 will be a small tray. Pull this tray out and … surprise! You should see a pair of true wireless bluetooth headphones inside.

This pair of headphones ThinkBook 15 gen 2 has not really impressive parameters, at least in terms of battery life, when it can only “stay” for about 2 hours. Fortunately, users can charge it by placing it in the machine’s tray. In addition, Lenovo said that this pair of headphones was created for online conversations, so we cannot ask too much about sound quality.

Similar to the ThinkBook 15 gen 2, this headphone tray will also appear on the ThinkPad E15 gen 2, also recently released by Lenovo.

Lenovo launched a built in laptop headphone tray | Digital toys

However, to meet the needs of users who want to own ThinkBook 15 but do not have the need to use headphones, Lenovo also sells a version of ThinkBook 15 without headphones, of course at a cheaper price.

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